Professors Now Required to Take Oath of Diversity… And to Prove It

Many universities in the U.S. began as part of churches, including Harvard, which was started by the Puritans, and Duke, established by the Methodists and Quakers.

It’s no surprise that many of the institutions required a profession of religious faith for their professors and staff.  Such things mostly have fallen by the wayside, but now they’re being replaced by a new oath.  As the New York Post reports, professors wanting to hop on the tenure track are required to pledge fealty to the mushy ideas of diversity and inclusion, and then somehow prove their commitments.

From the Post:

At Vassar, tenure-track candidates have to report their “contributions to social justice.” Applicants at the University of Minnesota-Duluth must “demonstrate ability to support the university’s commitment to equity and diversity.” Vanderbilt, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Washington and the University of Nebraska all instruct their professors on how to write ­effective diversity statements.

Faculty at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences were recently required to submit reports detailing their actions in support of “diversity, inclusion and belonging.” Teachers’ ability to demonstrate wokeness will affect the assignment of future bonuses, per the school’s dean.

Some schools, such as Villanova, go so far as to ask students to rank their professors on whether they have demonstrated cultural awareness created a bias-free environment.

The terms are subjective, which makes them ripe for abuse, and it’s unclear how professors in the hard sciences are supposed to include such themes in their classrooms.  But they are still required to develop diversity statements and provide historical proof of their commitments to the cause, or else they can kiss their dreams of tenure goodbye.

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Comments (2)

  1. Shelia

    In other words prove themselves traitors to America being good little commies now.

  2. Diane

    SPOT ON Shelia!

    Who in their right mind would send their kids to a public university?
    You get what you pay for; as the saying goes! Just look at the world today – sad……

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