Presidents of Wesleyan and Amherst Rail Against DoE for Investigating Princeton by Claiming They, Too, Are Racist

This might not be the best approach.

Recently the Department of Education (DoE) launched an investigation of Princeton University for potential Title XI and civil rights violations.  The investigation came after Princeton President Christopher Eisburger wrote that racism is imbedded in the University.  Clearly, if Eisburger is aware of racism at Princeton, which receives federal funds in the form of student loans, he has a legal obligation to root it out.  If he has not done so, then Princeton is breaking the law.

Now the presidents of Wesleyan University and Amherst College have written a letter denouncing the DoE for having the temerity to investigate Princeton.  But oddly, the co-authored letter uses the logic that they, too, are overseeing racist institutions.

The letter reads in part:

As presidents of colleges and universities, we, too, acknowledge the ways that racism has affected and continues to affect the country’s institutions, including our own. We stand together in recognizing the work we still need to do if we are ever “to perfect the union,” and we urge the Department of Education to abandon its ill-considered investigation of Princeton University.

There is an easy way to end racism that continues to affect their institutions…stop making decisions based on race.

To make the situation even more absurd, the leaders of another 80 institutions signed the letter.

It looks like the DoE will be busy this fall.

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