Portland Riots Update: 59 Violent Protestors Arrested, Police Have Had Enough It Seems

Well, it only took them 100 days.

But it looks like the Portland Police has reached tolerance. The police arrested 59 people on Saturday night and also used tear gas to disperse rioters who were throwing rocks and firebombs at them. On Sunday, the police arrested another 15 people as the rioters set fire to mattresses. Those arrested were charged with interfering with a peace officer, disorderly conduct, possession of a dangerous device, and reckless burning.

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Comments (3)

  1. Paul Bruchesky

    About time! Now all they have to do is disregard everything the mayor tells them not to do and tell him to go home and stay there until the riots quite down

  2. Albert Scott

    I think the prosecutor(s) , if they don’t file charges, should be charged with being complicit in all crimes of destruction and jailed. It mostly definitely looks like they don’t care about the law….so why should we, jail them!!

  3. Steven B Spafford

    About time! What have they been waiting for?

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