Portland Rioters Target Mayor’s Condo… Has Anyone Seen the Tar and Feathers?

On the 93rd night of protests, riots, and arson in Portland, protesters pushed their way into the lobby of Mayor Ted Wheeler’s condo building and announced they were occupying the space in protest. They then held a loud protest outside, complete with blaring music through the night while they blocked the streets and shined a spotlight or strobe light on the windows of the Mayor’s unit.

There’s no word on why the protesters thought it was just fine to inconvenience everyone else in the neighborhood.

The protesters published a letter of demands to the mayor which included:

“Reduce the Portland Police Bureau budget, Commit to never voting for police budget increases again, and Resign.”

“Specifically, we demand that you and your fellow city leaders immediately develop a task force to plan for a 50% reduction of the Portland Police Bureau budget by 2021, and a complete abolition of the Portland Police Bureau by 2022, with no private or technological replacements. This timeline gives existing police officers ample time to find and train for alternative, meaningful work that benefits the community.”

In what has to be a fairly routine and boring occurrence, the protesters also once again set fire to the building that houses the Portland Police Association. The police forced the demonstrators away from the building so they could put out the fire, explaining that they were concerned about nearby residences. It’s interesting that they weren’t concerned about arsonists.

With so much focus on the mayor, the protesters could cut to the chase and take a page from the late 1800s and 1900s by tarring and feathering Wheeler, then jogging him down the street on a rail.

President Trump offered to send federal authorities to help, but Wheeler wasn’t feeling it.

Instead, Wheeler wrote to Trump:

“There is no place for looting, arson, or vandalism in our city. There is no room here for racist violence or those who wish to bring their ideology of hate into our community. Those who commit criminal acts will be apprehended and prosecuted under the law.”

It’s not clear where Wheeler has been for the last 93 days, since obviously there is a place for looting, arson, and vandalism in Portland, it’s right outside the Police Association building.

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Comments (3)

  1. Will

    The protesters have shown their true objective! The mayor turned down federal assistance and ranted in a letter to President Trump why he didn’t want the help! Yet, those statements he said in the letter about people breaking the law and forcing their hateful ideology on the innocent citizens of Portland would be arrested! He opened his mouth, now he is being called out! It’s time for him to put up and earn his pay or give up, resign and tuck his tail and run! These thugs are not going to stop even if the police were disbanded and defunded! Who will be the ones to protect the citizens? These thugs with no training? The “Secret Police“? Next they will demand that the citizens PAY THEM FOR PROTECTION? Commonly called EXTORTION! Also known as a MAFIA TACTIC TO COLLECT “PROTECTION PAYMENTS” or your house gets damaged at first then possibly destroyed! Whatcha gonna do, Mayor? You got called out!!

  2. Lucy

    Ahhh, now after 90 plus days, there’s no place for looting, rioting and violence In Portland ever since it has shown up at The Mayor’s doorstep!!

  3. William Earl Brown Jr.

    Time to lock and load the only law they seem to hear is 55-62gr.s at high speed hitting them in the ass. Lest stop all this and fill up some body bags the ones that live jail.This crap has to stop load them up on a slow boat and head um to CHINA.See how long they flop there gums over there.How do they like rice uncooked and water,and hard labor.

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