Polls Show Portland Wants a New Mayor… The Leading Candidate Supports Antifa

You might need to read the headline twice to make sure you got it right.

Portland residents don’t seem to like current Mayor Ted Wheeler very much. Under his watch, protests have happened nightly for more than 100 consecutive days, with many including arson and vandalism. Protesters occupied the lobby of the mayor’s residence, and often block streets.

It’s easy to see why the residents would think that something has to change, and they will get their chance to vote for a new mayor in November.

Wheeler is on the ballot, but he’s trailing challenger Sarah Iannarone by double digits, 41% to 30%. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Portland voters are looking for someone who will calm the waters and restore order.  Instead, they’re supporting a candidate, Iannarone, who is openly part of Antifa.

Iannarone tweeted last year:

“To those who say Antifa are violent thugs: I am not a violent thug and I am Antifa,”

“I am Antifa because the Red Hats are coming after brown & black people, after Jews, after queer & trans people, and more. They are coming after our democracy.”

When recently asked if she still supported Antifa, Iannarone said in a statement:

“It is good to oppose fascism. The vast majority of voters recognize that scare tactics about ‘ANTIFA’ are a desperate ploy by Donald Trump to win re-election.”

In other words, yes.

For those worried that Portland has gone completely off the rails, it’s worth noting that Wheeler captured just over 50% of the vote in the first round in May, but not enough to avoid the runoff. The current standing implies that 29% are undecided. That’s more than enough to swing the election either way but won’t change who is on the ballot. It appears that while Portlandians aren’t fond of Wheeler, they’re very comfortable with protests, road closures, riots, arson, vandalism, and general mischief.

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Comments (4)

  1. Steve Ford

    Guess my question would be….”what and who are the voters in Portland, OR listening to, and reading about? It is unbelievable that those people exemplify that definition of insanity. “Doing and voting the same as before, but expecting a different result.” How can anyone make any sense out of that? It is the liberal bent voters, libertarians, and independent voters that are susceptible to the infiltration of communism. I always look at these types of voters as being…”fence riders”…meaning they have no real convictions and will not commit until there seems to be an in front poll leader then they will gyrate to that politician. Same for the so called…”swing states”…I look at these states as not having any scruples or convictions and will vote for whatever comes along that happens to suit their fancy at any given moment. Swing state voters are ones that I would suspect they sit on their ass till some loud talking politician comes into their state, then they make appearances that they are soooo concerned and ready to vote for their feelings instead of any real convictions.

  2. Jack

    Good Luck Portland. Why doesn’t Washington just sucede from from the U.S? Let them run as their own Country, by their own laws, generate their own income. They could have Health Care for all, their own Social Government, everyone equal, what’s mine is yours, no Capitalism, euphoria,

  3. Howard Wolf

    To say that the president is a racist is to engage in perfidious slander.

  4. Marie

    So no one remembers the announcement made at the democratic national convention last year?
    Nancy Pelosi shook hands with the leader of antifa and said how proud she was to have this great organization join her party! It was on every news network in the country, including CNN.

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