Republicans Offer Climate Plan: Plant One Trillion Trees

It’s the unspoken part of the climate equation, and deserves a fair hearing.

Climate activists focus on ending the use of fossil fuels to the exclusion of everything else, when evidence and experience suggests that it’s impractical at best, and impossible at worst, to do such a thing. Who will invade China and India to force them to give up gas, diesel, coal, and natural gas? Who will pay the many trillions of dollars for such a transition?

The alternative, or at least complementary, approach, is some form of geoengineering, where we take carbon out of the air.

In a nod to the growing concern over climate change, Republican lawmakers will propose such a plan. They want to plant one trillion trees over the next 30 years, which will dramatically reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. That’s 130 trees for every man, woman, and child on the planet.

President Donald Trump supported the idea in Davos last month.

In addition to planting trees, the legislation will encourage the use of wood products, which keep carbon from re-entering the atmosphere after it has been consumed by trees.  Other elements of the plan, which will be released in additional bills over the coming weeks, will focus on sequestering carbon from power plants, recycling plastics and boosting “clean” energy, including natural gas and nuclear, according to congressional staff.

Environmentalists are certain to hate the idea because it doesn’t make oil and gas the evil empire and call for the complete end of those fuel sources.

But geoengineering has support from governments which recognize that telling their populations to park their cars and turn off their electricity is a non-starter.

Last July, Ethiopia set a world record by planting over 350 million trees in 12 hours as part of a green campaign by Prime Minister Aiby Ahmed.

James Mulligan, a senior associate at the World Resources Institute, said mass tree planting could reduce 180 million–360 million tons of carbon dioxide per year by 2040 if implemented correctly.

The technology is obvious and effective.  Plants consume carbon.  If the approach gains traction, it could provide a new avenue for addressing climate concerns while also frustrating climate alarmists, a win-win for Republicans.

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Comments (8)

  1. Demonangel

    Got my shovel ready. Where do you want me to start digging?

  2. Camino Kid

    Has anyone considered what the additional heat being retained in the exterior of buildings, parking lots, highways, etc. does to climate warming?

  3. Nancy Anderson

    I’ve been saying this for a long time. In the state of Washington, where ever they cut down old growth trees they plant new ones. All of the states should be doing that. Trees filter the air and they also help to keep the temperature stable. They offer clean air and shade. How can you beat that? lol I have always planted a tree in any yard where I have lived all over the place. I live in MN now, and I love all of the trees and the way the summers here are so green. Planting lots more of the big barrel cactus out in all of the deserts would also help. I’ve done that too when I lived in CA.

  4. JoeyP

    Now this is REAL climate change! . . . Not this fake “climate change crisis” HOAX. The REAL HARD NUMBERS (data) proves this. But, a TRILLION trees are WONDERFUL. But, don’t forget, CO2 is FANTASTIC plant food – it’s FERTILIZER. I guess it’s time to buy that SUV (or that 4 door Pickup Truck . . . ). Let’s feed these TREES! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. Larry Craig

    Nah, too simple. Besides, who’s going to pick up all the leaves in the fall.

  6. Rodger Shull

    This is a GOOD IDEA, now just keep the ones that want to SCREW IT UP, with their own ” GET RICH PLAN “. remember the TREES need water, and maybe with more trees , will change some weather patterns to drop more water. And going from trees to gas, all land fill areas need a methane gas plant to take the gas generated by the land fill, in to a energy source to make electricity. And to combat the climate change, lets not put dark colored roofs on houses or buildings, they absorbed the suns light and heat up our climate, use roofs that reflect not absorb it. Planting more TREES is a good start, but not the only answer. And that is my 2 cents. And yes I re-roofed my house with a lighter color shingle,. and the heat in my house went down on the hot days, cold days there was no change

  7. Nellie

    This should have been done 75 years ago and we wouldn’t be suffering with wall to wall housing, industry and no farms, citrus, fruit, vegetables and dairy, beef and trees. CO has done good job with parks tou can walk to within housing and school.
    Thank you President Trump.
    Deport illegals, who are on Welfare and working for cash. Give the jobs to Citizens and Veterans who are homeless.
    God Bless our country

  8. Saribeth

    It really is a great idea to plant trees to help the environment. Has anything been decided as to how the planting of one trillion trees will be funded? The $4.8 trillion budget released in February didn’t even mention this plan. So, how committed is the government to this? And, since most of the trees planted by 2030 will not reach full maturity for 100 years, what is the plan for the interim? We must continue to reduce fossil fuel emissions in the meantime. We cannot look at the planting of trees as a panacea that will save us from further limiting environmental protections.

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