Pepsi, Which Spent Years Selling Drinks That Make You Fat and Caffeinated, Now Wants to Help You Sleep

It’s not like the founders of Coke and Pepsi were sitting around a table and said, “Hey, what can we do to make consumers fat and fidgety?”  But there’s no doubt that sugary drinks can be a problem, especially for sedentary kids with parents who keep purchasing more of the stuff instead of using that long lost word, “No.”

But have no fear, the newest addition to Pepsi’s line-up is here!

The company announced a new drink in its “functional” beverage category: Driftwell, a beverage that aims to help consumers relax and fall asleep.

Following an international pitch competition last year, the company developed Driftwell, which L-theanine, which is also found in tea and is used to reduce anxiety as well as improve mental functions. The drink won’t be carbonated, and won’t contain sugar or calories. It will have what Pepsi calls a “spa-water inspired flavor” of blackberry and lavender, which makes it sound like it will taste like liquid potpourri.

Pepsi will introduce the product online in December, then put it in stores in the first quarter of next year.

The product has perfect timing because so many people are reporting trouble sleeping due to anxiety. With the pandemic, unemployment, riots, and elections, we could all use a little Driftwell right now.

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  1. Carol Chizzolin

    Wasn’t the Pepsi Company the first company to donate to Black Lives Matter Organization. The CEO of Pepsi should be the one who can’t sleep at night.

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