People Confuse Coronavirus With Corona Beer

The coronavirus is thought to have first infected humans in Wuhan, China, and has now spread to several thousand people and killed more than a hundred.  Governments around the world are worried this could be come an epidemic that spreads to millions and concerns about it have all but shut down vast regions of Asia.

Corona beer is made in Mexico and often serves as the unofficial beverage of Cinco de Mayo and spring break.

The disease and the drink are not linked, but from online searches it appears that many people think they are.

Last week, Google noted a 1,050% increase in searches for “coronavirus,” including questions such as how to prevent it.  About the same time, Boingboing, one of the most popular blogs in the world, saw a spike in searches for the “Corona beer virus.”

And it’s not just Americans making the mistake.  While Mexicans don’t seem to be confused, people in Western Europe  as well as in Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, and New Zealand were trying to find the beer-induced disease online.

The mix-up obviously comes from the common term “corona” in both names.  The word has Latin origins, meaning crown, and is still used in current Spanish.  A crown appears above the La Cerveza Mas Fina slogan on the beer, while the virus is identifiable by tiny spikes on its surface, which is why it was named the “crown virus.”

Other than the name, the two aren’t related in any way. Drinking a Corona will neither protect you from nor give you the coronavirus, but it might make you search for stupid things on the internet.

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