Pennsylvania Court Stops Provisional Ballot Count… Will It Matter?

Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court on Thursday ordered county election officials to stop counting provisional Election Day ballots from voters whose absentee or mail-in ballots were received on time.

Such ballots were already segregated last week as the courts worked to determine if they were valid.

It’s not clear how many such ballots exist, but with President Trump trailing Joe Biden by more than 53,000 votes in the state, there likely aren’t enough of them to sway the outcome of the election.

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Comments (9)

  1. Linda Alberts

    A total hand recount under appropriate supervision should be done to ensure the truth.

    • Debra Hubbs

      If losing by a small amount, the outcome may make a difference but not in this case.

      • Jeffrey Bleiler

        This would all depend on what the Main recount and future law suits help the bottom line. You are right that it does not matter the way things stand, but after the total recount it could have an effect. As the President says, “Count ALL legal votes”. Just as in “Shall not be infringed” the radical judges do not understand the word ALL>

  2. GS

    So much more to the story now. Information about Dominion going back many years, including Clinton Global Initiative connection; hundreds of affidavits; video, texts, audio. Not over.

    • Sherri E Burich

      Exactly! This isn’t over at all!

  3. Sherri E Burich

    Darn right it counts! Maybe it’s not the counting ballots that should be the focus, but the machines that flipped votes. We All know it happened Everywhere!
    If not, the United States will be the new Hong Kong!

  4. Patty

    The voting machines need to be gotten rid of, go to a paper ballot only system, and NO early or mail in voting! In person, at a polling place with proper voter I.d. And only LEGAL citizens able to vote. The only absentee ballots that should be allowed are deployed military personnel. This time is a farce and a fiasco, we all know who the winner is, and it ISN’T Biden! He illegally, prematurely declared himself the winner! Why the confidence? He knew this election was rigged from the start! Obama used the same program to steal TWO elections! Why are people so blind that they can’t see that! It is time for the patriots of this country to stand up and demand answers, demand recounts, demand FAIR elections! It is our country, fight for it or loose it to the socialists!

    • Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

      With the number of people, legal voters, it would be impossible to vote with just paper ballots. Maybe you are just kidding, maybe not, but it would take days and days to let every voter to be able to put their mark on paper.
      We are in the time of computers so that it can allow everyone to cast a ballot. Putting a mark on paper would just result in where we are right now.

  5. DaveM

    It matters! Enough of sweeping the bull-crap under the rugs. Democrats have done it for years and I am sick of it! I will never support Biden as my president. I have read a lot about the possibility of civil war. To me that emphasizes how bad this election has been! America will not turn socialist. To many people have died to establish and maintain this country!

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