Could Lockdowns Be Over in 15 Days? Pence Said They Would Re-Evaluate at That Time

There’s no question Americans will get antsy as they sit inside. There’s only so many old movies you can watch, video games you can play, or time you can spend with your kids. And we’re not known as a patient, compliant group. So it came as a relief that U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who is leading a U.S. task force to address the coronavirus outbreak, gave the nation a clue as to time frame on when the general “stay at home” guidance could change.

He expects the Trump administration to re-evaluate its guidance after the current 15-day guidance period ends.

Pence said:

“At the end of this 15 days, we’re going to get with our health experts, we’re going to evaluate ways in which we might be able to adjust that guidance for the American people.  But those measures right now were all in the belief that we could … impact the trajectory of the curve of the coronavirus in America, in a way that would that would spare many Americans from being exposed or contracting the disease and, of course, save lives.”

We got that, and many people are doing their best, but boredom will win eventually.

We need more testing and a therapeutic to lessen the impact of the disease. Then we need to go out to stores again!

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