Pelosi Confident She Will Win Speaker Title in Next Congress

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has some explaining to do.  In an election where the incumbent president lost and the mainstream media called him a liar and a national disaster, she managed to preside over a House of Representatives that actually lost seats to Republicans.  That’s a pretty big black eye for her leadership, but she thinks she’ll prevail in the next Congress anyway.

She doesn’t have much competition for the gavel from within her own party, but House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy would love to develop a coalition that robs her of the title.  He’s unlikely to win this time around, but McCarthy is patient.  He has his eye on 2022, when he hopes to preside over a newly-elected Republican majority in the House.


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Comments (3)

  1. Sue White

    At least he did what he said he was going to do. He may have been crass about things but he did his job.

  2. Daniel Breedlove

    Build the fence. Buy the northern Mexican states that border the US. Have the Mexican government manage the prisons on the Mexican side for alien criminals in the US. Buy the northern Mexican states. Use their natural resources, build tech centers and schools in the Mexican states plus water wells and farms. Talk to Wilson Hunt jr. CEO from Champro sports in Wheeling IL on how to do it. Pull much of the Chinese manufacturing out of China and put it into Mexico where the US can have better control.
    Wilson Hunt has a big heart and big brain. Over a few years allow the border Mexican states into the US

  3. I USER

    Pelosi is to old the STRESS & AGE will be her undoing ….don’t have long to wait

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