Social Media Site Parler Is Back! Sort of…


Parler, the social media site that competes with Twitter and allows more free speech, has had a tough couple of weeks.

The app was tossed out of the Apple and android app stores, and then off of Amazon’s web services. The company has been frantically working to restore service, and it looks like it is close.

CEO Matze posted a message on the site on Saturday that read:

“Hello world, is this thing on?”

The message was a welcome sign to the millions of users who want to leave Twitter, but it didn’t signal the all-clear. The Parler app remains offline.

There’s no word on when the site will restore full service, but the brief message from Matze gave people hope that it’s just a matter of time.

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Comments (12)

  1. GS

    Communism always dies – it is based in death. Freedom is life.


    I want that ‘FREE’ Trump coin to hang on the pull chain of my antique toilet. Fascism always fails.

    • Roger H Hornaday

      That means that the Democrats control of Congress will be short-lived and Biden will also be a one-term President if he even lasts 6 months. Yes, Fascism, Socialism, and Communism all fail because the whole promise of them doesn’t take into account the human greed factor of government officials. Sounds great in books, but never is sustainable for long periods of time, as history has proven over and over.

    • Roger H Hornaday

      BTW, Biden has already shown that he is going to destroy an estimated 3.7 million jobs by increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour and is on track to set the record for increasing the national debt the most of any president in the history of the country.


    How do I remove my Twitter account?

    • Rebecca Davis

      I just deactivated my account. I believe I went into Privacy/Settings and it gave the option of deactivate.

  4. Maryanna Shilonski

    Let me know if Parler resumes

  5. james a smith

    Social media needs some regulating….that have gotten too big for their britches – hinging upon freedom of speech.

  6. R G Fisher

    Lefties in my opinion are not thinkers or doers–just followers to the latest “feel good” message. Certainly are Not students of History.
    Oops maybe not quite accurate –probably have heard of Trotsky, Lennin, Stalin and Mao.

  7. Eric

    Try the all new American platform for conservatives launched last year.


    I have only a blank screen for Parler. No messages, etc.

  9. Mark Bierman

    When I tried to sign up for Parler I discovered you can only use it on an Iphone. Since I dont own one it doesnt matter to me. I own a flip top track phone for many years now & only use it for car breakdowns etc. It is turned off 99% of the time. You know those Iphones can be easily tracked by anyone. The gov. ,terrorists, serial killers, thieves etc. Why would anyone want that. DUHHHHH

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