Oregon Supreme Court Sides With Governor: Lockdown Remains In Place!

It’s obviously not Wisconsin.

A Baker County Oregon judge invalidated statewide stay-at-home orders by Governor Kate Brown to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but the Oregon Supreme Court stayed the judge’s order.

Governor Brown said the emergency orders would stay in place while the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case, which means people will live under the lockdown for longer.

Brown tweeted:

“The science remains clear: By physically distancing, wearing face coverings, staying home as much as possible and only gradually reopening our communities, we can save lives and keep Oregonians safe.”

Shortly after the county court ruling to overturn Brown’s orders, the governor had said reopening too quickly without sticking to physical distancing norms could jeopardise public health and cost lives, decrying such a move as “irresponsible”.

Brown extended her order through July 6, eliminating celebrations for Memorial Day and July 4, ironically requiring people to stay at home during the holidays that celebrate soldiers dying for our freedom and the Founding Fathers declaring the colonies free from tyranny.

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