NYU Will Create Racially Segregated Student Housing (Updated: Well, Not Exactly)

This article cites the World Socialist Website, which includes information from the Washington Square News, the student paper at NYU. Since this article was published, NYU has clarified that it will not create segregated housing, but instead will create a themed-living area based on black history and black culture, which must be open to all races. This article will remain posted for clarity.

If you had any doubts about whether or not institutions of higher education were brainwashing students and fomenting racial divisions, this should put the question to rest.

Prestigious New York University (NYU) responded to a petition circulated by a student group that calls for racially segregated housing for freshman and upperclassmen. The petition demanded black-only living spaces.

The petition said that:

“Too often in the classroom and in residential life, black students bear the brunt of educating their uninformed peers about racism.”

It went on to claim that African American students desperately require a “safe space” where they can escape from students, staff, and faculty of other races.

Hmm. It’s not clear other students were asking to be educated in this way, or what the petitioners think African American students need safety from.

What is clear is that the university responded by setting up a task force to address the issue, and apparently will roll out black-only living space in the Fall 2021 semester. The housing arrangement will be part of theme-focused living, but normally that involves putting together students by interest, not by race.

The petition gathered a mere 1,105 signatures from among the 26,733 students on campus.

Yep, NYU is doing its best to set back race relations by 70 years, and it comes at a cost of just $53,000 per year in tuition, room & board add another $20,000 per year. Nothing says “learning equality and seeking the truth” better than separating people by race.

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  1. Bewildered

    The black people in the 50s who fought so hard to be accepted into white society, the right to go to white schools, vote, go to white churches, sit at the front of the bus, did all that so that once again black people could be separated ? Isn’t this separation the definition of racism ? Only now it’s racism on the part of the black people. If they want a separate area that will cost more to the university, the people who are demanding the separate space can pay for it themselves. How are they going to learn to live in the real world if they separate themselves from it ?

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