NYU Asks Students to Identify Their Gender… Provides 30 Choices

New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development surveyed students by asking them to identify as one of 30 genders so as to “help build a more affirming environment.”

The school said the survey is intended to “inform the School’s policies, promote the anti-racist practice, and help build a more affirming School environment for all.”

Because nothing says “inclusion” like subdividing people into tiny groups and then asking them how they feel marginalized.

The list includes trigender, two-spirit, and intergender.

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Comments (20)

  1. larry smith

    There are two genders.

    • jimdaddy

      I can think of 3 genders!
      1. He
      2. She
      3. It

  2. Phil F

    Well it is NY so it’s not that unusual since NY is just as crazy as CA. Contrary to what these nutbags think at NYU think there’s still only 2 genders, female and male.
    Nothing like dividing Americans even further. Obama started the division and it continues in the insane liberal world.

    • George

      There is a special place in Hell of Obama and the Democrats.

  3. Patricia Hefferan

    I have no idea whatsoever what these gender definitions refer to. When did this happen?

  4. KE Kelton

    2 genders, 28 types of mental illness. NYU = Institute of LOWER Educa…er…Indoctrination!🤦‍♂️

  5. Manuel F Fernandez

    SOUNDS LIKE THEY NEED MONEY FOR A STUDY. TOTAL STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sister Mary Michael MacChesney

    I may understand where these individual “genders” are desired. What “they” do not know is that God accepts only two genders – man and woman. God bless you,

  7. Marsha Smith

    30 genders ???????
    Can stupidity get any worse???
    Stay away from NYU !!

  8. Marsha Smith

    30 genders ???????
    Can stupidity get any worse???
    Stay away from NYU !! You might find yourself sitting across the aisle from a jackass. A LITERAL JACKASS? And in this case we are not talking about democrats.

  9. Paul Pfleger

    This gender thing is all bullshit, and the colleges are bending to the little snow demands. There are girls and than there a boys, that’s it, period. Once the “what ever it is” gets in Health and Human services in Washington, God only knows what will happen next.

  10. gerald champagne

    It is a shame to see such ignorance in america. Gender status 2 no other. Penis equals MALE Vagina equals FEMALE. NO MORE 2. Put to gays etc. in a room and let them have what they call sex, and if another life is derived then that could be themed another gender, if not then there are TWO GENDERS. MALE FEMALE, not thirty.Even in cross breeding you need certain elements from the MALE gender to put with certain elements from the FEMALE gender. How pathetic the american description of gender is so stupid and delusional, science says two genders,not thirty, no wonder the children of today are so ignorant on the basic teachings of life.The educators of today do not fail to amaze me on how they can explain 30 genders, then wonder why this society is so confused.


    And this is what is supposed to be an “INSTITUTION of HIGHER LEARNING”??????
    As far as I can recollect there are ONLY 2 GENDERS, MALE and FEMALE.
    And the main purpose of these 2 genders is to procreate the species.
    Any other ? gender? is a false gender as in the life as we know it.
    If it is incapable of procreating because of some type of alteration to the
    person then it is nothing. The procreating factor is the basis of GENDER
    and nothing else matters.

  12. soupy

    I thought this was an Institution of Higher Learning.

  13. Richard Hennessy

    Wow!! What an imagination these people have to be able to come up with 30. I can only come up with 2, or maybe a third–unknown.

  14. Nancy

    I suggest that the NYU board and professors get a blood test followed by a psychiatrist appointment.
    If by then they don’t know if they are male or female they need to be confined in a mental hospital.

  15. Margaret Deemer

    This is one of the biggest problems in this country now. Students DEMANDING all sorts of things. These stautes have been here for years and were not offensive then so why now? Best thing let them transfer to another college. What makes them feel so entitled? Get over it and remember this is the real world.

  16. Froggy

    There are only two genders. NYU, and all other liberal nut job universities as well as all liberal nut jobs in general need to take this further division and shove it up their southern orifices.

  17. Thomas A Arnold

    as an NYU grad (MBA) this is embarrassing

  18. David Gomes

    Interesting. All the statues that are of our former presidents and heros are also pictured on our money. Therefore, I suggest that the people who don’t like them should stop using American money and move to a country that has symbols or pictures on their money of people they do like.

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