NY Gov Cuomo Under-Counting Nursing Home Deaths to Make the State Look Better

In a move that is reminiscent of Bill Clinton saying “It depends on what your definition of ‘is,’ is,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appears to have significantly under-counted nursing home deaths due to COVID-19 by drawing a line as to where the patient died.

If you lived in a nursing home for the past several years, fell ill with the disease, but were transported to a hospital before you passed, then Cuomo claims you didn’t die of the disease in a nursing home. He’s technically correct, but obviously fudging the facts.

And then he makes it worse.

New York is the ONLY state to draw the distinction above, and with that much more stringent way of counting has recorded about 20% of its deaths, or just over 6,600 in nursing homes. But the governor isn’t shy about comparing his nursing home figures with those of other states who count all the deaths of people who live in nursing homes, not just those who happened to perish before they could be transported to a health facility.

The difference isn’t small. Federal data from early June through mid-July showed the number of deaths in New York nursing homes to be 65% higher than what the state reported. The state health department shows 21,000 empty nursing home beds, which is 13,000 more than expected, and is double the official count of nursing home deaths from COVID-19.

When questioned about deaths in nursing homes, Cuomo quickly calls out Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, where deaths in nursing homes accounted for 68%, 64%, and 44% of all deaths, respectively.

At a briefing on Monday, Cuomo said:

“Look at the basic facts where New York is versus other states. You look at where New York is as a percentage of nursing home deaths, it’s all the way at the bottom of the list”

In an earlier briefing, Cuomo said:

“Go talk to 34 other states (that rank higher) first. Go talk to the Republican states now — Florida, Texas, Arizona — ask them what is happening in nursing homes. It’s all politics.”

At least he’s right about that. It’s all politics.

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Comments (2)

  1. Gerry

    This POS has been fudging everything he has been doing since his first day in office. If this latest show of total incompetence and premeditated murder doesn’t get him thrown out of office the voters who keep him in office deserve every bad thing that happens to them. New York will soon look like a ghost state with people leaving.

    • Mike

      Just like his old man. Mario turned NY State into a welfare state with ghost towns due to extremely high taxation. Twelve years Mario couldn’t even balance the budget but if you were to come across the state line you could apply for and receive Welfare from the State at the taxpayer’s expense. When Republican George Pataki took over he immediately cut the itinerant welfare seekers off from welfare. These professional, wandering hand-outs moved on to other States that would take care of them and Pataki balanced the budget while cutting taxes.

      Now his son has allowed hospitals and clinics to claim any death they possibly can to be caused by COVID-19. His socialist mentality and destruction of the economy by shutting down businesses and cutting cash flow is aimed at making New Yorkers Welfare Slaves having to come to the State to survive. For him to lie about what is really taking place in NYS is probably normal and possibly in his blood to do so. So many people dying of Asian flu and not one single case being reported. However, you don’t shut the country down for Asian flu.

      Hurt the economy and they think they will hurt Trump who is busy bringing back our economy after Obama and Clinton stomped on it. All this is happening to give Democrats absolute control over Americans if they win in Washington and across the Nation this year. Today’s Americans may soon learn what real hunger and real poverty is about. Democrats are working hard to bring it about and young fools with no real life experience and ignorant voters of all ages and race will be the instruments by which they accomplish the destruction of the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights which just happen to be the documents that have watched over our freedoms since the early days of the founding of this Nation.

      Cuomo’s lies are a small part of the foundation stone of the Socialist run Democratic Party. Once America’s Party but now they are only out for themselves and all the power they can acquire no matter what it takes. Nothing for America and everything for themselves while honest Democrats are left in a daze wondering what happened to the Party they have voted for all of their lives. Doesn’t look much like the Party we use to vote for that once supported truth, justice, and the America way of fair play.

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