Number of Illegal Child Migrants Entering U.S. Soars After Biden Changes Stance… Who Knew?

Gee, who could’ve seen this coming?

The number of children crossing the border illegally rose 63% to 9,297 in February, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Wednesday, an acceleration that has strained government resources and sparked a political backlash against the Biden administration’s planned immigration overhaul.

Border-patrol agents overall made nearly 97,000 arrests in February. The number of migrants traveling as families more than doubled from the previous month to 18,945, while the number of single adults grew 9.9% to 68,732. Single adults in particular have been making repeated attempts to enter the country illegally, officials said, so the actual number of individuals attempting illegal crossings is lower.

This has occurred after President Biden changed the U.S. stance on immigration, making the immigration system less reliant on long-term detention and other enforcement measures, and to emphasize humane treatment and quick decisions on asylum seekers’ requests for protection. The increasing numbers of people at the border make that task more difficult.

The administration is trying to stem the flow of migrants by telling them that now is not the time to enter the U.S., but hey, they aren’t listening.

The U.S. said Wednesday it is restarting a program allowing Central American children to come to the U.S. legally if they have a parent here, which seems all but certain to motivate more people to send unaccompanied children north.

Rep. Jodey Arrington (R., Texas) said:

“You would have to have the most acute case of suspended reality to deny that we have a border crisis.  This crisis is a direct result, let’s be very clear, a direct result of President Biden’s unilateral actions.”

You don’t have to suspend reality, just ignore it.

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Comments (10)

  1. Tina

    I believe every Democrat and Republican that are in agreement with the Biden/Harris administration including Biden and Harris should be fined and kicked out office!

  2. Rosalie A. Scott

    Close the border!! Finish building the wall!! How hard is it to understand? We have a moron for president who just doesn’t care. It doesn’t affect him personally so he doesn’t care.

  3. Robert "Bob" Pruitt

    Interesting: Trump tell his followers to “Keep fighting for fair election” and a handful of unruly citizens storm the Government offices. One lady is shot by Capital Police two other people die from unrelated causes and Trump is held up for impeachment.
    Biden on the other hand puts out a call for thousands of illegals to come to the U.S. telling them they WILL be allowed entry.
    As w result we now have a serious crises at the southern border. Children who cannot be cared for and the result of unbridled crime at the border.

    Step back & ask which is more dangerous. A few broken windows and ruffled feathers of a few politicians OR , repeat OR Biden’s knee-jerk fuulish invitation of thousands of illegals flooding our borders creating REAL dangers for both the illegals AND U.S. citizens.
    No rocket science here. When will BIDEN be impeached?

    • Mike

      Spot on, but if this were Twitter you would be banned for posting the truth. Yes, people, the only person killed during the tour of the Capitol building was the unarmed lady who was looking in through the window and she was shot by the Capitol police. It is so evil that they are calling the suicides of two Capitol police, the next day, a death by the tour group. Those police committed suicides, if they did, because they did not want to return to work the next day. I suspect they were killed because they knew too much.

      Also, over 70 people were killed and 7,000 injured and over $2 billion in damages during the Democrat socialist 7 month insurrection, led by Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Sanders, Michelle Obama and Biden.

      How could Biden be impeached? He does not have the mental acuity to understand the charges.

  4. james f martin

    Please complete the wall asap. If you can’t control your borders, your county will be a third world nation.

  5. Joan

    What I would like to know is where are these children going after they get into the US? AND are they all really children as the media reports? I say that all the children go to Biden’s home and set up camp in his house that is vacant while he is living in luxury and empowerment at the White House. SO PASS THE WORD, BIDEN’S HOUSE IS EMPTY, SO ALL YOU ILLEGALS GO THERE AND LIVE WHILE HE IS GIVING YOU A FREE RIDE IN THE US.

  6. Mike

    That number is 3,200 in 52 days compared to 2,600 in all of 2019 for Trump. Also, these are children in cages that Biden has separated from their parents. Let’s keep the stories consistent.

  7. V

    Immigration should be prosperous for immigrants as well as US citizens so it should be a legal transaction. Letting people come over illegally makes them beholden to someone or group. In this case the Democrat party. They should be able to make informed choices hence why it’s important they come legally to be able to expect equal treatment to US citizens. The Biden administration as well as Democrats have endangered the children being brought to the US for their purposes. It is unacceptable as it has caused a crisis that will affect those children mentally & physically for the rest of their lives. We do not know who the adults are transporting them, we really do not know who the parents are in some cases and sets up those kids for abuse. Stating that the borders are not open now per Psaki for people to cross is not enough. Why was it not told prior to these people spending money they do not have and travelling the distance they have traveled. It imposes on Mexico as they have to deal with housing & food for this group of people intent on crossing to the US. A promise made that has endangered women & children then holding them in the same “cages” that Obama had built, Trump used as issues were being addressed and now Biden administration using, denying increased volume of children lured since this administration took over. It is shameful and irresponsible.

  8. Gary

    Why are all newspapers including Fox news not allowed to see living conditions for children being
    detained at the the border. What does Biden not want us to see. Send non partisan and non political
    people in to inspect. We are not the kind of people or the type of country that would tolerate in-humane
    treatment of children.
    Why are we allowing illegals through the border at Texas w/o testing for the Viris????. We are told
    that up to 25% may be infected . Why are Governors not worried about this in the border states???
    Our former President closed the borders and prevented thousands of deaths. If this is not done here we
    are in big trouble.

    A concerned Patriot

  9. Katrena L Johnson

    Obviously the Biden administration along with Pelosi Schumer and a lot of Democrats don’t intend to do anything for us as far as the border crisis. They should bus all the illegal immigrants to the white house and see how Biden handles the crisis oh sorry challenge. They might get through the razor wire.

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