Not All Forest Fires Occur Naturally: Portland Police Arrest Man for Starting Seven Fires

The Portland Police arrested Domingo Lopez, Jr. Sunday afternoon around 4:30pm for starting a small brush fire along the side of Interstate 205. When the police arrived, witnesses identified a man, Lopez, living a tent nearby as the culprit. He had a Molotov cocktail in his possession when the police arrested him.

That’s unconscionable during a dry season in which wildfires are already raging. But it gets worse.

After he was released, the 45-year-old Lopez started six more fires before he was rearrested around 3:30 AM on Monday. When the police picked him up a second time they took him for a mental health evaluation.

Maybe he was just practicing for another night of peaceful protests… it is Portland, after all.

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Comments (1)

  1. Rob

    Someone’s missing the point! Considering the fire situation, what moron let this guy out PERIOD!
    Anyone reading this story can see where Oregon’s problems come from- PORTLAND!
    You can bet when this is, if ever, really looked into, this guy won’t be the only one!

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