Not a Morning Person? Science Agrees With You

According to scientists that study sleep, people have different “chronotypes.”  Most of us fall in the middle, with 40% to 50% living on the typical schedule of sleeping from round 11pm to 7am.  That probably puts the logic backward. Most businesses work on that schedule because it conforms to the chronotype of the highest number of people.

Another 40% of us are within one hour of the norm, rising at either 6am or 8am, and going to bed a little earlier or later.

But for a small slice of the population their clocks are set far out of rhythm with the rest of us, and can find that their natural sleep sequence starts around 3am and ends at 11am or even noon.  The problem is that trying to fit a night owl’s body into a morning lark’s schedule can be detrimental to our health.  Trying to live outside one’s internal time has been linked to heart disease, obesity, and depression.

There is a cure, but you won’t like it.

Get older.  Research has shown that as we age, we naturally wake up earlier. So a night owl really can become a lark, it just takes time.

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