Nobel Prize Winners Exempt from Quarantine; Must Be Nice To Be Special

Winning a Nobel Prize is pretty cool, and it just got even cooler.

Norway requires that incoming visitors to the country quarantine for 10 days to ensure they don’t have COVID-19. But the Norwegian Nobel Institute, which hands out the prizes, didn’t want their recipients to have to go through that, and they wanted the presentations to be live, as always. How to fix such a dilemma? Well, create a special carve-out for special people, of course.

The Norwegian Nobel Institute applied to the government for an exemption for prize recipients, such as the delegates for the United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP). The WFP coordinated medical logistics during the pandemic and was selected as the winner of the Nobel Peace Price.

Norway’s Health Minister Bent Hoeie said in a statement:

“The award attracts significant national and international attention. We want to facilitate it so that the winners can be physically present.”

The WFP sounds like it did great work over the past year, and the delegates must show a negative coronavirus test before they travel to Norway, but it begs the question of why can’t other travelers just show the same test?

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