No, It’s Not About Kids… Oakland Teachers Refuse to Return Even When Given Vaccine Priority and Cash

If there were ever any doubt, it should be gone. Teachers in some areas of the country are refusing to return to the classroom even when they’re given everything they ask for.

Public school teachers in Oakland, Calif., have opted not to return to the classroom until the mandatory start date in mid-April, despite priority vaccinations and cash incentives.

School officials on Thursday, were forced to cancel their previously scheduled reopening dates next week at six elementary schools and 10 preschools, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

The schools were supposed to reopen after seven months of virtual instruction, which the teachers union had agreed to, but so few teachers said they would show up that classes had to be cancelled.  So much for “all about the kids.”

An elementary school official said in a letter to parents:

“At this time, we simply do not have enough staff who opted in for in-person instruction to open our classrooms to K-2 and priority students on Tuesday.  Although this is disappointing news, please know that we are working hard to make sure we find every way possible to serve our students safely.”

Maybe they should work on school choice.

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Comments (5)

  1. jimdaddy

    Well the schools in Oakland were not doing a very good job when the teachers were teaching. My kids were in the Oakland school district in the early 70’s and it wasn’t all that great then!

  2. Maria Bahena

    Get teachers that WANT to work and EARN they’re pay check ………..

    • louise

      I agree 100% with you. why would anyone work when you get paid anyway for staying home it’s not about the kids or a virus it’s about why should they they’re getting paid

  3. GS

    To be fair, the teachers are just cashing in on their frequent flyer bonuses before they expire.

  4. Sam

    So much for teachers caring about the students. I say fire them all and hire those that really want to teach kids the basics and how to succeed in a world gone crazy with stupid ideas of right and wrong.

    I have to say I feel so sorry for parents today and for kids that have to suffer through stuff like this simply because
    some people are greedy.
    If you don’t want to teach, get a job digging ditches… its probably more your skill level anyway.

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