Nissan Ad With Captain Marvel Star Repeats ‘Woke’ Theme That Men Are Bad

Remember the days when men were stubborn pigs who didn’t value women and actively worked to hold them down in the workplace?  If you don’t, that’s okay, because Nissan has a new ad that will remind you.

Featuring actress and noted feminist Brie Larson of Captain Marvel fame, the ad shows a frumpy, middle-aged, nerdy man telling a woman he’s not going to promote her. Larson pulls up in a Nissan, then drives the woman aggressively through city traffic while listing the car’s features and asking, why would you compromise?

The ad ends with the woman getting out of the car with a determined look on her face, presumably headed back to confront her male boss.

The ad probably wouldn’t play as well with a female boss as the bad person and male employee riding around with Robert Downey, Jr. of Iron Man fame. But don’t bring that up, because it makes you a misogynist to point it out.

Nissan has been struggling to sell cars lately. It’s hard to see how this ad will help.

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