Newest Trend to Save Planet: Greta Shaming

It could happen anywhere.

A few Israelis arrived at work recently to find a portrait of teen climate activist Greta Thunberg scowling at them above the disposable eating utensils and paper napkins.  The implication was clear.  Greta was there ask, “Do you need to use disposable items more than we need to save the planet?!  Do your part!”

The frowning teen made an impression on television hosts and government officials around the world, so now companies are using her face to strike fear into the hearts of would-be plastic users.

You could use the same technique in your office, home, or even church.  Place a scowling Greta over the disposable cups and utensils.  It’s bound to create conversation, even if it doesn’t change people’s habits, which sounds a lot like the real Greta.


    • This is not just some silly little girl. And if you think she is being silly, then you must be part of the problem. She is trying to make a difference for a better and cleaner world. What have you done to make a difference ?

      • Everyone agrees with having a cleaner world, but the methods being used are ludicrous. Scientists are outright lying about planet-warming and giving the whole industry a black eye. Now to have a child shame people is the lowest form of brainwashing in my opinion. What we need is to focus on are the solutions not the problem. No problem has ever been solved at the level it resides at. Solutions always come from a point of view that is above the problem. Greta is being taught that it is okay to bully people into accepting another person’s perspective, and the world is just going to laugh it off, for the most part. What we need is the technology to develop materials that will break down over time and work in the way that nature does. Nature decomposes materials that are no longer useful in their present form.

    • I like your reply and am going to be using it – with your permission of course – as a child my best friend and pitcher on our Little League team SMILEYS’SPORTING GOODS was John Todd. I left the country and have not found him since returning. YOU aren’t from Miami,FL.right?? (could NOT resist asking) please forgive me.

  1. Greta needs to grow up and get a life. Further she needs to seek correct answers and go after things that have meaning like the plastic industry and trash in the Oceans dumped by the Industrialized Nations of the world, mainly SE Asia and China.

    • Greta has gone after a lot of things. As a girl of her age, she has done quite a bit. She’s a very hard worker, and she’s fighting for something that is important to her. The things she’s fighting for should be important to you too. But some adults can’t stand it when children do more to improve life for all “Earthlings”, human and animals than the adults do. Maybe if the adults took care of business to start with, the kids wouldn’t have to take over.

  2. I think we need to SHAME Greta! . . . She is the FACE of IGNORANCE who doesn’t know ANYTHING about ANYTHING. DON’T talk to me about “climate” unless you are a REAL (NOT Political) Climate Scientist. “Climate Change” is a natural phenomena, “Climate Change Crisis” is a DISHONEST HOAX meant to enslave the masses with Socialism/Communism. There are MANY Climate Scientists who are claiming that this “crisis” (so called) is fueled by JUNK SCIENCE. The boy “cried wolf” TOO MANY times. I’ve heard this nonsense for over 51 YEARS and NONE of it came to pass. I’ve read the DATA. Greta – DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

    • We can see where the real problem lays. To many people like you standing around scratching their ass not wanting to do anything to improve anything. Go to bed man. You’r tired. You can’t see the world cause you’r eyes are closed.

      • Looking at more of your posts, I can see that you are part of the problem. You see wisdom in indoctrinated children whose parents hold the same misguided beliefs as you. Do some research and you will find that the sun’s output varies about every 13 years or so. You will also find that for more than a century the crisis has switched from global warming to global cooling about every 13 years or so. Follow the money.

    • Greta is a brainwashed child, a product of the people who think they are in charge of the world. Please, adults, take a good look at this state of affairs, do some critical thinking, and stand up for truth.

  3. Oh my! To all who have commented so far, please tell me you at least believe we throw away too much trash that fouls the environment, and much of that trash is plastic, which does not easily degrade. Look at the garbage “islands” in the oceans. These are not “fake news”! They do exist and are made up of garbage that we have just thrown into the environment! We all do it, not just SE Asia and China. And we all have to clean it up. You all cannot think that our climate is not changing, that storms are not more frequent and stronger. And there are too many scientists who agree that human behavior is affecting climate. So, let’s see what we can do to help the situation. And let’s stop criticizing those who offer solutions.

    • But why is the solution always that the USA must cough up more money to solve the Worlds problem and other Countries are to receive this money for doing nothing to solve the problem? As far as plastics are concerned , recycle is an answer if everyone would just do it.

  4. When you are young, you are SO very wise, and everyone should pay attention to you and grow to being wise like YOU are! It makes for a good laugh when you’re older and white haired! Of course it might be wise to sacrifice these youngsters and thus delay the extinction a few days? Nah, she’ll look back in thirty or forty years and laugh at her “WISDOM”.

  5. I am ashamed that you are helping to exploit a child. The environment doesn’t need to be advertised or marketed using a kid as the prop. It is unbelievable the response from adults about this. Why are you helping it by giving it a voice? And also. I would hope that if a picture of a child surfaced in the break room at my job advertising the use of less disposable items that the people in charge would have sense enough to get rid of it and not allow it to exist. It is despicable the level of predatory this issue has become. People are actually trying to turn her into a character. It’s sickening The level adults will stoop to for money and attention. Stop helping them.

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