With No Hint of Irony, NY Gov Cuomo Says Government Response to COVID-19 Worst in History

This is one of those things that will make you go, Hmm.

On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized the federal government and several states for not taking COVID-19 seriously after the disease devastated his state.

Cuomo specifically called out Texas and Florida, which he claims followed the federal government in playing down the pandemic.

Cuomo said:

“This was the worst government blunder in modern history. It was a mistake to deny the reality that happened in New York.”

Given that Cuomo ordered nursing homes to take COVID-19 patients, thereby causing the disease to spread among the most vulnerable in the population, it seems odd that he would point fingers at others for the way they’ve handled the pandemic.

As for the biggest government blunders in modern history, some people might put the Iraq War on that list, or the mass immigration to Europe a few years ago, or even the warm relations with China and Russia in years past. But making mistakes over a matter of weeks with new data and directives coming in all the time seems at least a little ways down the list from “biggest” in modern history.

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Comments (5)

  1. Lee

    Typical liberal Democrat…blame someone else for THEIR faults. Cuomo and his idiot bro are real POS. We have the same problem here in Chicago, liberal city Blue Dems blaming everyone for their mistakes and blunders, especially blaming Trump and the Republicans…there hasn’t been a Republican mayor in Chicago since the 30’s, but it’s their fault…..SMH!!

    • Alexander Constantopoulos

      You have the proper insight, Lee. But, my recommendation is to NOT vote these idiots into office, in the first place. Chicago, as you said, hasn’t had a Republican mayor since the 30’s. What the heck is the problem with Chicago voters? Are they just that dependent on the mayor, intimidated, or just plain stupid (not calling you stupid, but someone stupid continues to vote these lunatics into offifce).

  2. Alexander Constantopoulos

    It wasn’t the President’s lack of response. It was Cumo’s lack of preparedness. It is no one’s fault but his and that NYC psycho mayor.

  3. Lou Mango

    Democrat or Republican, Makes no difference. Mr. Cumo made a terrible mistake and he knows it. However; to be pointing fingers at others and failing to accept responsibility for his decision is unacceptable to me. He made a bad decision perhaps based on bad advice from the “experts”. The people voted for you because they felt you would represent them AND TAKE CARE OF THEM. When is that going to happen?

  4. Will

    Does he realize that college students went to Texas and Florida for Spring Break? I’m sure that a lot of those were from New York, New Jersey and other northern states for a break from the cold and snow!! This could be a possibility for the rise in cases in Texas and Florida! Plus, more aggressive testing, identifying more positives, unless the numbers were padded! Anyway, why should his comments really matter? His brother who supposedly had contracted the virus, had a confrontation with a neighbor, on his bicycle, in front of the house he was supposedly in quarantine in! Then he got caught in his lie! Cuomo won’t let investigators get to the bottom of things because he knows he messed up but doesn’t want the truth known. So, like every good democrat, “it’s the president’s fault”! How? Cuomo was in charge! A Mercy ship docked in New York harbor a week early and wasn’t utilized to it full capacity, while de Blasio and Cuomo complained that they were not getting any help! Cuomo’s response? His nursing home debacle!

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