New York Times Can’t Stop Blaming Covington Teens, Even When Video Proves Them Wrong

A group of teen boys were cheering among themselves on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when a group of black activists starting hurling racial slurs at them.  The boys kept to themselves, but then a Native American activist, Nathan Phillips, walked among them while beating a drum.  The boys didn’t insult him.  They didn’t surround him (he moved into their group).  They wondered aloud why he was there and what he was doing.  They had no idea he was a professional agitator.  They simply stood there.

The first short video clip of the incident was slanted by commentary.  The second, much longer video explained the situation.  But that doesn’t matter.  Today the New York Times reports that lawmakers want to know who first posted the short video.  In the story, the reporters note,

Lawmakers are investigating the Twitter account that first shared a video of a group of white teenagers taunting a Native American protester in Washington, a collision of racial groups and politics that went viral.

That reporting continues the false claim that the boys were taunting Nathan Phillips, when in fact it was Phillips that taunted the young men.

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