New York Times Asks if “You” Need Air Conditioning

It’s a learned behavior, or so the article in The New York Times suggests.

Americans, or really individuals from any population, don’t “need” air conditioning.  And there are big disagreements over which temperature is best.

Men like an office around 70 degrees, women want the temperature to be 2.5 degrees warmer.

Should we have it at all?  Shouldn’t we go back to “nature,” and rid ourselves of the energy-sucking devices that threaten our climate as people around the world strive for better creature comforts, including cool, dry air in the hot months of the year?

It would be a question worth discussing if the benefits of air conditioning weren’t so blindingly obvious, and if The New York Times weren’t so hypocritical.

As The New York Times Building Technical Report Two describes it:

The NYTB’s cooling load is served by a 6250 ton chilled water system while heating is provided via high-pressure steam purchased from the utility. Air distribution is achieved via variable air volume boxes for interior zones and fan powered boxes with heating coils for exterior zones. The floors occupied by the New York Times Company utilize an UFAD system, the first of its kind in a New York City high-rise. There is a cogeneration plant provides 1.4 MW of electricity for the building year-round. 

A $1 Million grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) helped offset the initial investment in a cogeneration plant. 

So the staff of The New York Times enjoys a state of the art cooling system powered by a co-generation plant that was partially paid for by taxpayers.

Yep, that sounds about right.

Until someone spends a productive summer working indoors without AC, any article they write denigrating the wonderful invention should be immediately used to cover the bottom of a bird cage.

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