COVID-19 Cases Surging in New York, But Not Near Previous Records

Total New York COVID-19 cases just crossed the grim milestone of 500,000 as the state reported more than 2,000 cases twice in recent days, levels not seen since May.

Cases are running 80% higher during the past four weeks than they were in the four weeks prior to that, but the state is still well off the highs, which included the record of 12,847 cases recorded on April 10.

California holds the distinction of having the most cases, with 900,000, followed by Texas and Florida. But on a per capita basis, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Louisiana lead the nation.

New York and New Jersey have the most deaths, both in absolute numbers and per capita.

Half of New York State’s cases are in New York City, where citizens are standing in lines by the hundreds for hours so they can vote early.

It’s shaping up to be a long, troubling winter in terms of health.

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