Look Out Broadway! New York Bans Public Gatherings of 500 or More

It’s hard to see how this is going to work.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a ban on gatherings in the state of more than 500 people, but simply riding an elevator in an office building in New York City feels like a confab with 500 of your closest non-friends. And what about subway platforms? The sidewalks?  Big hotel lobbies? JFK and LaGuardia? Even Broadway shows?

Governor Cuomo said the ban starts Friday at 5:00 pm, and that establishments that can fit 500 people or fewer must halve their capacity beginning on Friday as well.

Broadway theaters in Manhattan will have to start observing the new rules on Thursday night.

Cuomo said:

“This is about science, this is about data. Let the science, let the data make the decisions.”

Except that’s not true. Science reports that 400 million around the world get the flu every year, and 390,000 perish. This virus has infected 130,000, with 4,700 deaths.  By the governor’s logic, science would dictate that we close all establishments every year on October 1, and reopen at the end of flu season on May 1.

Which brings up the calendar. The end of flu season is near. Infection rates should drop dramatically in April.

Then Governor Cuomo and everyone else in a panic can claim victory for something that Mother Nature takes care of every year.

In a show of practicality, Cuomo did mention that hospitals, nursing homes, mass transit and certain other facilities will be exempt from the new rule.

There goes that pleasant experience on the subway, it will still have millions of people on it.

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