New Season of Hoarders: Preserved Human Remains

Yes, if you guessed this was about Florida, you’re right again.

Of all the things that we stash away in the basement – or more out of the way still, a crawl space – a half dozen gallon-sized jars chock full of preserved human tongues is not the first one that comes to mind.

But six such containers were exactly what a contractor inspecting a house in northwest Gainesville found recently.

While this story would make for one the most bizarre twists ever on an episode of Hoarders, police investigators found there was nothing sinister behind the discovery.

The tongues, it turns out, were collected by retired University of Florida researcher Dr. Ronald Baughman, a pathologist who is now a professor emeritus at the school.

His ex-wife Mary said they just forgot about the remains, which Baughman apparently had plans for some 50 years ago, before moving on to more pressing research concerns.

This might not be the last episode we hear about in Gainesville, as police say this type of thing isn’t uncommon in the city, home to the University and three local hospitals.

But a spokesman for the University says it wouldn’t be legal today.

“I don’t know what the policies and laws would have been like 50 years ago or whenever it was, but I can tell you that today that’s not something that would be permitted. There are very strict federal and state laws as well as university policies that prohibit that. It would be neither appropriate or legal for a faculty member or researcher to bring something like that home.”

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