New Poll Shows 50% of Americans Now Favor Impeachment

The share of Americans inclined to impeach President Trump and remove him from office has grown steadily since last summer, according to the latest report from CNN.

Their poll shows that 41% of Americans favored impeachment in May, and the share climbed to 47% in September before hitting 50% this month.

Even though half the nation wants to remove Trump from office, his approval rating of 41% hasn’t budged.

Support for impeachment remains highly partisan, with 87% of Democrats in favor and just 6% of Republicans leaning toward Impeachment.  Independents are right in the middle at 50%.


    • I tried twice to vote and it did not go through. Once it changed my vote from no to yes and I changed it back to no, he should not be impeached. This is a false survey.

      • Yep, most definitely is a false survey. I have tried to vote in several surveys that will not accept anyting but a yes vote to impeach. I stopped doing surveys because those giving them don’t really want to hear the truth. All the polls said Donald Trump could never win a presidency. They were wrong then and they are wrong now. Donald Trump will never be impeached. The democrats are being way to secretive. By not allowing transparency they hurt any chance of being believed by anyone with a conscience VOTE PEOPLE, TRUMP FIR PRESIDENT 2020

      • Hey Mike,
        You need to get your head out of your ass! Trump has done more for this country than Obama could ever do and he did it in less than 3 years!
        You may not like his style, but you gotta like what he has done for the middle class, that is raise their income over $5,000. Besides that, I guess you are not a veteran, for if you were you would be lauding what he has done to revolutionize the VA for us vets. Wake up Mike and start smelling the scent of success!

    • It’s a CNN poll of only democrats have had their opinions regarding impeachment of President Trump. SC is a red state and most of the residents in our community do not want him impeached! It’s sour grapes that Hillary couldn’t get elected TWICE! PURE BS@

    • and especially I do not ever believe a CNN poll. THey are the fake news, the liars, the untrustworthy so called journalists. Ha. CNN ought to be taken off the air, they are such liars. I do not believe this poll for anything.

    • Correct. They’re trying to influence and indoctrinate people with false narratives.
      The polls have been proven to be biased and prejudiced.

  1. You democrats are truly nuts. Trump has accomplished more to MAKE AMERICA GREAT in his first two months in office than Obama
    did in eight years. More Americans are working with a larger take home pay and our Veterans really have it better than ever before. I could write you a long list of how we are better than ever. Trump is the BEST president we have had in about 7 decades. Wake up rip and start to evaluate. Stop listening to the leading BS artists, there squad AND Nancy./

    • It won’t happen Richard. The Dems are shit scared that if they vote for impeachment, their base along with the independents who voted for them will revolt and vote them out of office. I truly believe that a lot of Democrats will vote for Trump in 2020 based on all he has done for the country. Really, do you think Warren or Biden would really make a geat President given all the crap that we know about them? And finally, who really gives a shit about what he said in his phone call to the president of Ukraine.

  2. I don’t buy into this number. This is not accurate in the least bit. But how many times have we had to prove the polls wrong. Do failed to take into consideration one important thing. Trumps approval of the working man and the fact the majority of them do not participate in polls because they have jobs. Real Jobs. The other thing that you overlooked is the fact that he has not committed an impeachable offense. The Democrats have however. Using intelligence agencies to spy on a presidential candidate and fabricating lies with a fake document to overthrow a sitting president is treason.

    • still confused about what constitutes an impeachable offense while in office; high crimes and misdemeanors seems like a catch all to me; some one told me congress can impeach a president for anything it wants to in the charging document – as long as two thirds go along with it.

  3. Tell me, why are the venues for the President’s rallies packed, and the ridiculous ant-Republic gatherings of the democrat socialist sprinkles? The media, universities, public schools, leftist group-tanks, swj-antifa thugs, splc-type cons, the criminal cartels, the muslims, and the soros big tech gurus cannot lie, steal, cheat, and murder enough to be their own satanic luciferian lords and gods of the world- their days of heathen rage are numbered! Jesus wins, and so will Trump and the real republicans in 2020.

  4. Of course CNN polls show more Americans supporting impeachment. All the mainstream does is portray the President as a liar, crook, racist, and after collusion hoax failed, they are moving on and using their own narrative to portray an illusion of “quid pro quo” in the Presidents phone call to the Ukraine President, and who knows how many deep state agents they have at work to dig up dirt and when they can’t fake/create damning evidence. Why do you imagine they want this all in secret, and not allow any counter testimony or legal defense allowed for all the people being called to testify, and no open vote to show who does and does not support this impeachment farce. No scruples, no morality, no care for what’s best for America, that is the Democrat mantra now. Vote them all out of office and show we are sick of this attempted coup.

  5. A ‘CNN Poll’ show 50% of Americans now favor impeachment; that is ‘not’ the same as 50% of Americans. Does anyone out here still trust CNN?

  6. Obviously they asked the democrats for their opinion because there are more who are against impeachment, How do you impeach someone who hasn’t done anything, I mean the democrats have the recording of the phone call and what was said, this is another “WITCH HUNT” and Pelosi claims they are doing the impeachment by the Constitution, WHAT A DUMB JOKE SHE IS> 1ST OF ALL TRUMP HASN’T DONE ANYTHING WRONG, 2ND HE HAS THE RIGHT TO FACE HIS ACCUSER! THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE, BUT THEY ARE TREADING ON VERY THIN WATER, BECAUSE FLORIDA IS AGAINST THE DEMOCRATS, WE DON’T WANT SOCIALISM/COMMUNIST IN THE U.S.A.

  7. Another poll conducted by T V viewers shows that only 21 % of viewers even watch CNN on a part time basis. They are known for their lies and rumors and KICKBACKS for their loyalty to the left.



  8. They haven’t called me. Don’t believe these polls, they are lies. Why would anyone want to impeach our president who has done nothing to deserve it but the Democrats have done many treasonous acts esp. Pelosi and Schiff. They need to be impeached and imprisoned along with the others!

  9. Yep and that poll isn’t the least bit biased? Right!! Give me a break. Why do you think it is called the communist news network.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  10. What would you expect from a CNN poll??? They didnt ask 50% of the population but a “sample” ? Probly out of LA or NYC ??

  11. Why would you want to publish anything put out by CNN? You know this poll is a big lie. If you are going to print this kind of brainwash maybe I should stop reading informedamerica?

  12. The polls are nuts every poll I participated in and shows results shows Trump doing great and these dems are not only out to get Trump but to ruin America! People should be scarf as hell to pull any lever for any democrat right now! They will break our country down! Killing cows, killing every fossil fuel job!

  13. Americans want border security. Trump is working on it while Dems fight him.
    Americans want energy independence. Trump is giving it to us.
    Americans want better pay and better jobs. Trump is fulfilling that desire.
    Americans want reduced welfare. Trump is making that happen with his economical policies.
    Americans want a strong Military. Trump has rebuilt our forces to be the envy of the world.
    Why would we want to change Presidents?

  14. Political polls are interesting, but they should not be given too much credibility
    as their numbers are far too easily manipulated giving false and intentionally
    misleading conclusions. Just saying!

  15. who took these POLLS? Or, more importantly, who GAVE these polls, and given to WHOM? Sounds like someone is PLAYING with the NUMBERS again, kind of like the so-called “Climate Change Crisis”, which there ISN’T. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  16. Personally, I think that Donald Trump is a warst case SOCIOPATH, devoid of integrity, ethics, a narcissist to the extreme, and everything else that is characteristic of a SOCIOPATH. SOCIOPATH simply cannot help the ways that they are; they are born “hardwired” differently than “normal people”; they cannot be changed. I believe that Trump is TOTALLY UNFIT to serve as the POTUS. However, Pence seems to be an extremists of sorts in his own ways. Not sure if I would care to have a weakly Pence as a POTUS either. Congress needs to take actions to censure Trump or impeach him. I fear the damage that he may do to our nation BEFORE the elections. He is non pulsed by the reactions to his betraying the Kurdish people. Trump has NO LOYALTY to anyone, including his family.
    The man is a pure SOCIOPATH, and is UNFIT to serve the Public interests.

  17. If the poll is accurate, and I doubt it is, why wouldn’t there be a large contingent in favor of impeachment. The Nazis control the investigation and their Nazi pals in the Fake News Media repeat everything Shiffty Shif and Nancy Pelosi control the information release to the public.

  18. No way. This CNN survey like others is garbage. Trump has performed many more positive projects for the US than many of his predecessors. Do not trust the fake news. These people are crazy. The Democrats only dig deeper holes for their insane ideas. Democrats are incapable of improvement and experts at being counterproductive.

  19. Trump is the best!, he represents the people of the USA, The Mules Asses are socialist they are only for themselves, and want to destroy America for what it stands for! I’am praying that the truth is exposed,for those who vote Democrats change to vote for Trump. the lies about what they speak is to keep us in fear. Wake up! Take control and vote for TRUMP! While you can! KEEP AMERICA FREE ! It has always been Great! We must keep it Free from control!

  20. Whoever came up with the results of this BS of a “50% New Poll” .. without any a doubt, has to be directly related to them deceivers, and to the crooks and the foolish who are in support of “democrats lynch mob”.

  21. There are corrupted polls, politically corrupted polls and damned corrupted CNN polls. They are worthless and no informed citizen pays any attention to them. Valid data is critical to a valid poll so the leftest biased garbage in CNN polls are to be ignored.

  22. They are just trying to herd the sheep who need the “confidence” of someone else’s opinion to voice their own. PURE BS. And IF POTUS were impeached, it would nullify his current term, allowing him to run for two more.

  23. All media news are fake news! CNN being #1 liars and the rest are just as bad. If you don’t do your own research and want to be lazy fools and believe the mind controlling media, you deserve to be deceived! Wake up America!

  24. We all know that Hillary will win by a landslide in 2016! Oh, we don’t? The pollsters need to go look for real jobs instead of continuing to invent leading questions that result in the answers they sought in the first place. There is only one poll that counts and that’s the one held in November every other year.

  25. It would take a very stupid person to believe anything the CNN might say about the race! They are liars who support the Dems who put out these lies. They are the true “FAKE NEWS”.

  26. BS says I ! You folks ACTUALLY BELIEVE cnn, abd, csb, cbn, and the rest of the liars ?
    C’mon, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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