New Hampshire: Winners, Losers, and Zombies

The New Hampshire Democratic Primary is over and, unlike Iowa, there are actual results.

Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg flipped their Iowa results, with Bernie in the top slot with 25.7% and Buttigieg getting 24.4% of the vote. A surprise surge by moderate Amy Klobachur gave her 19.8%, while fading Elizabeth Warren only captured 9.3%. National front runner Joe Biden, who left New Hampshire midway through the day to focus on other states, was almost an afterthought at 8.4%.

The results gave Sanders a clear victory, but in total they tell a different story. Voters want a moderate, and that has the entire field in a tizzy.

Sanders and Warren, widely regarded as the far left, captured 35% of the votes, whereas the moderate crowd of Buttigieg, Klobachur, and Biden picked up 53%. This gives such candidates hope that as they move to other states they can pick up more delegates, but it also emboldens outsider Michael Bloomberg, who won’t appear on a ballot until Super Tuesday.

Joe Biden keeps hammering the fact that he has strong support in the black community, but he’s losing his grip. The latest poll shows him dropping from 53% among blacks to 27%, with Bloomberg picking up 22% and Sanders at 19%.

As for the rest of the field, they’re fading fast. Deval Patrick, Michael Bennet, and Andrew Yang called it quits after New Hampshire. It’s just a matter of time before Tulsi Gabbard ends her bid. Billionaire Tom Steyer might stick around, not because he’s gaining support but because he can afford to.

The biggest New Hampshire casualty was Joe Biden. Even though he remains at the front of the pack, he’s fading fast, and his second loss in two weeks brings back memories of his previous presidential campaigns where he’s never done well.

If the field remains fractured as we get closer to the summer, we could see the return of a brokered convention, where delegates must horse trade to arrive at a consensus candidate.

The biggest winner in such a scenario wouldn’t be at the Democratic convention. It would be President Trump.

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Comments (2)

  1. Arlene

    There is not even one democrat running for President that even likes, never mind loves, America or Americans.. They all want to destroy our way of living. WE THE PEOPLE want our country to keep prospering, not “taken down” to the low-level of socialism or communism.. Every demon-crat who wants to be on the ticket should be ashamed of themself for the things they are trying to sell to the misfits (democrat voters) of America..

  2. mike kelly

    The Democratic party is in total disarray. The leading concept that Socialism is better than Capitalism is something out to the Karl Marx handbook for failure. Wake up Democrats. Or maybe you can just continue to collect your millions in slush funds as did Hillary and fade away on your island paradise of fools. Speaking of Hillary, where is that no name, egotistical liar and leader of the world’s largest slush fund: The Clinton Foundation. That has no transparency at all.

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