NBA Flap with China Nothing New: Marriott Fired Employee Last Year for “Liking” Post that Annoyed China

The NBA has its hands full dealing with a PR problem concerning Rockets GM Daryl Morley and his tweet supporting protesters in Hong Kong demanding more freedom.  But this is just one more in a string of incidents where American corporations bow to China to keep the dollars flowing.

On Tuesday, the Philadelphia Sixers confiscated “Free Hong Kong” signs from two fans attending a game against the Chinese squad Guangzhou Loong Lions, and then escorted them from the game.

Last year, Marriott fired a tech worker who “liked” a survey company on behalf of the hotel chain, because Marriott had identified Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan as separate countries.  All of those places are claimed by China to be part of the nation, and any country that says otherwise is cut off from business.

China complained to Marriott, which then fired the 49-year old Roy Jones from his $14 per hour job running social media accounts for the company from Omaha, Nebraska.

It appears that many companies in the U.S. support freedom and democracy… until their revenue is threatened.

At least we still have South Park.

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