Do You ‘Win’ If You Vote Not to Play the Other Team? Nats Vote Against Marlins

This is definitely a new wrinkle in sports. Apparently professional baseball players can vote as to whether not they want to face another team.

The majority of players on the Washington Nationals voted not to travel to Miami for upcoming games against the Miami Marlins, which has suffered a COVID-19 outbreak among players. It’s not clear why the Nats took the vote, since the league reported that it’s not up to the team, the decision rests with Major League Baseball.

While all this was going on, another four Marlins players tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total to 17 players over the last five days.

At this rate, the Nats didn’t need to bother with the vote. If they waited long enough the Marlins wouldn’t be able to field a team.

A previous Marlins and Phillies series was postponed because of the outbreak on the Marlins team. It’s not clear if games not played because the Nats chose not to would be postponed, scored as a forfeit, or simply not counted.

These are strange times.

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