More Voters Suspect Clinton Colluded with Foreign Nationals Than Trump

Apparently we’re a suspicious bunch, but not completely without cause.

Now that Mueller has finished his investigation, Americans are turning their attention to other potential sources of wrongdoing.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 47% of likely voters think that Hillary Clinton likely colluded with foreign nationals in the 2016 election, compared with 45% that believe Trump did so.

As a group, most of us think the Justice Department messed things up, and only 42% believe the Russians meddled in the elections more than the FBI. With former FBI Director James Comey announcing that Clinton was not under investigation only to reverse himself days before the election and say that there was cause to investigate, it’s no wonder we’re suspicious.

But perhaps our views are based on more than just intuition. Only 32% of likely voters think Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination fairly, which squares with the fact that the Democratic National Committee consistently favored her campaign over that of Bernie Sanders even as he surged in national polls and compared favorably in a head-to-head competition with Donald Trump.

With the 2020 election season already gearing up, we’ll have to work quickly to get all the drama from the 2016 election behind us so that we can make way for the next wave of national political intrigue.


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