More Tech Companies Squeezing out Firms They Don’t Like; If You Cant Find a Favorite Site, It Might Have Been De-Platformed

De-platforming is the term for a company that supports websites or content removing a customer. This can happen because the customer doesn’t pay the bill for hosting a website or because the customer breaks the rules of the web hosting or media company.

Now it’s happening because hosting companies don’t like what bloggers and other content providers have to say. 

Conservative blogging site was informed by its hosting company,, that the company will be booted on December 2 because the content on Treehouse is “incompatible” with

And, the email delivery company MailChimp refuses to send mail for the Virginia Tea Party.

It’s almost like people are trying to silence voices with which they don’t agree.

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Comments (1)

  1. Billy Wilson

    Time to break up these over grown companies . Monoplies have no part in this nation just look at Standard Oil.

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