More New Coronavirus Cases Outside Of China Than in China, And a Case of Unknown Origin in U.S.

There are now more than 82,000 people around the world who have contracted the new coronavirus, COVID-19. Among those, 33,245 have recovered, while 2,814 have died. The number of new infections inside of China has slowed down, with 450 new cases reported, but now there’s a new worrying trend, the growing number of infections outside that country, at more than 700.

And it gets worse.

While there are just 60 known cases in the U.S., the Center for Disease Control reported the first case of unknown origin. A California patient tested positive for the virus but has not traveled abroad and has had no contact with anyone known to have the virus or to have traveled in a danger zone.

This development is called community transmission when authorities cannot trace the infection to its source.  If they cannot pinpoint the person carrying the virus, then that person is likely to have infected others who are now going about their daily lives and spreading the disease.




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