Trump Losing Ground to Biden; On Short Side of Several Issues

President Trump has always blazed his own trail and keeps his own counsel. It served him well as he won the highest office and maintained his political base for several years. But now he appears to be on the opposite side from the majority of Americans on several issues, and it’s costing him in the polls as the general election gets closer.

Trump portrays himself as the law and order guy who wants to clamp down on the rioters and looters who came out during the protests over George Floyd’s murder. The president supports the peaceful protesters, but his hard stance and calls for the military to intervene if cities and states don’t take decisive control puts him a bit at odds with two-thirds of Americans who support the protesters.

The president is pushing for police reform, but the measure he recently signed doesn’t ban chokeholds or racial profiling and doesn’t require federal police to wear body cams or support independent investigations of police departments with patterns of misconduct.  A Reuters/Ipsos poll shows 80% to 90% of Americans support each of those initiatives.

On the coronavirus, the president favors a quick opening to spur a “V” shaped economic recovery, while 76% of Americans are worried about a resurgence of the disease.

All of this has Biden gaining ground, and now holding a 13-point lead over Trump, the biggest gap since Reuters/Ipsos began polling during the Democratic nomination process earlier this year.

Voters still see Trump as the better economic steward by 43% to 38%, and the economy usually drives the election, but his other main initiatives, immigration and pushing back against China, have moved out of the spotlight.

While the election might be close, it’s still five months away, and anything can happen. Five months ago the economy was on fire, unemployment was at 50-year lows, and Trump was finalizing the first phase of the new trade arrangement with China.  Who knows what could be happening the first week in November.

And of course, polls have been wrong before.

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Comments (5)

  1. Lilly

    All during the 2016 election he was always behind in every thing. Poles can be squed as well as anything else. Only people who the pollster takes from depends on whether he likes one or the other and he can change it to suit what he wants it to. Most of us who have seen more in our life time than some of the people they poll do not take any poll with a grain of salt because that is what they are no good.

  2. Ron Parrish

    So you say the “Polls” indicate that President Trump is losing to Biden! So much for “Polls”. The also said he would lose to Hilary Clinton 4 Years ago!! Many folks who will never admit they voted for President Trump will vote for him in 2020! The “Polls” cannot determine that fact. Moreover, over 1,000,000 plus folks have requested tickets to his Tulsa, OK event on Saturday, 06/20/20! That has to tell us something in those “Polls” are wrong! Further more it want happen just in Tulsa, OK, but in a over whelming amount of other cities and states in the USA! Folks who have God given common sense see what is really going on in the Left Wing Media, and the lies they have be told by the Democrats and their Cronies for the past 3 plus years! They are no longer buying into their garbage! Wait until we see the real voters cast their ballots on Tuesday, 11/03/20, and after that see what voters in those “Polls” really do and say! Good American voters hunger for the truth! God’s word states “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. Real Americans are tired of being lied to by the noise of the Radical Liberal Left Wing Media and their Democrat Cronies!!

  3. RickJames68

    Dumb article full of propaganda. First of all 1000’s of people in the streets , no social distancing, not all wearing masks, businesses being burnt down and or robbed ,police stations being burnt down, neighborhoods being taken over, police officers being killed, regular people being killed. All of these places this is all happening are DEMOCRATIC RAN CITIES!
    This is what we’re gonna get if they win.
    But you actually write this garbage?

  4. Colin

    I’m Canadian and what’s happening in the US scares me on so many fronts. If the Dems get elected, under our current government, we would go down with you. Trump, though not my favorite person is the only choice. Biden can’t stand on his own two feet and if elected, would cave to the radicals because he has no strength. This is already happening. Please help us all and re-elect Trump.

  5. David Parker

    Your polls are bogus . Biden and all that the far left stand for will be crushed Nov 4th. There are still Americans in America. No matter how the media tries to twist things it will fail. Truth will always prevail. We are a great country. What we have is unbreakable. Stop trying to destroy it.

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