New COVID-19 Strain? No Problem! Moderna Says Its Vaccine Can Beat It

If you’re worried about getting a COVID-19 vaccination, but then getting sick as the virus mutates, then Moderna has some good news for you!

Moderna Inc said on Monday its COVID-19 vaccine produced virus-neutralizing antibodies in laboratory tests against new coronavirus variants found in the UK and South Africa.

A two-dose regimen of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is expected to be protective against emerging strains detected to date, the company said.

Moderna, however, said it would test a vaccine booster against the South Africa variant in pre-clinical trials to see if that would be more effective in boosting antibodies against the variant and other future variants.

Although all viruses mutate constantly, scientists are concerned about the mutations discovered in Britain and South Africa because they are believed to be capable of altering key functions of the virus.

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  1. terry shead

    You have to be joking on this bill kill gates vaccine, bet he has not taken it?

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