Minneapolis Police to Citizens: Give Up Your Goods to Thieves

Minneapolis is having a tough year, and the police department isn’t doing the city any favors.

On Memorial Day, a Minneapolis police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes when Floyd was already in handcuffs and in custody. Floyd died, sparking protests that continue to this day.

Immediately following Floyd’s death, protesters took the streets of Minneapolis, soon followed by rioters and looters. They smashed windows, stole goods, and set buildings on fire. The Minneapolis police appeared all but ineffective at stopping the violence and destruction.

Now, after months of protest, the police are reporting a jump in crime and giving citizens a list of ways to handle it. Unfortunately, the police are telling people to give thieves what they want.

In a letter to 3rd Precinct residents, the police noted that robberies and carjackings are up this year, with 100 robberies and 20 carjackings reported in July alone. To address the issue, the police gave residents a series of instructions for dealing with robberies that included:

  • Do not walk alone
  • Be hyper-aware of your surroundings at all times – pay attention!
  • Carry only items you need, and carry less cash
  • Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet
  • Have keys already in your hand as you approach your car
  • Despite all our efforts, robberies may still occur! Do not argue or fight with the criminal. Do as they say. Your safety is most important!

To be clear, the police are trying to keep residents safe and are pointing out ways to give residents the best chance of not being harmed. But telling people to be prepared to give up their stuff?  And telling them not to argue an do as instructed by criminals?

How about a way to fight back, or directions to the local TASER store?

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Comments (4)

  1. Ethel Swafford

    Since the police are not welcome any place. That is a good answer.
    Give the police raises in salary and respect them.
    Law in Order is the best policy.

  2. anne wardlow

    You want to defund the police. This is what happens when we have NO law enforcement, what did you think it would be like when you said you what to defund the police?

  3. Zues

    Y’all forgot number 7. Pull out your concealed weapon and start blasting. If they break into your house, start blasting.

    • mey shair

      Great suggestion! 357 beats 911 all the time.

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