Minneapolis Mayor Tries to Stop Trump Rally By Charging Exorbitant Security Fee

When President Obama spoke at the Target Center in Minneapolis in 2009, the city charged $20,000 for security.

For President Trump’s upcoming campaign rally, the city sent the Target Center a bill for $530,000, to be paid in advance.

The Target Center forwarded the bill to the Trump campaign, along with a note that if the campaign didn’t pay ahead of time, the Target Center would deem the campaign in default and cancel the event.

Perhaps the mayor is trying to stop violence before it starts, but he’s charging the wrong people. Instead of extracting security funds from those who come to hear a message and show support, he should be charging those who show up to cause a problem, namely, the protesters.

But even before that consideration, the lawyers for the Trump campaign got in front of the issue.  In a letter to the owners of the Target Center, AEG, the law firm wrote:

Neither the Campaign nor AEG is responsible for arranging or paying for rally-related security. Rather, the U.S. Secret Service – and the U.S. Secret Service alone – is “solely and directly” responsible for coordinating law enforcement services in connection with the rally. “As such, no law enforcement costs shall be coordinated by [AEG], charged through [AEG] to [the Campaign], or shall otherwise be reimbursable expenses in connection with the [contract].” The Campaign cannot be in breach of an obligation it does not owe to AEG.

Hard to argue with that.  When the president travels, the Secret Service has his back. Period.

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