Minneapolis City Council to Defund Police, Claim Community Safety Model Will Work

Protests over George Floyd’s murder while in police custody have turned to calls for action, with several groups demanding dramatic changes in policing. One of the biggest changes would involve ending police departments as they are currently constructed by ending their funding.

New York City officials are discussing cutting some police funds and redirecting those dollars to social programs, but the Minneapolis city council is going all in. A majority of council members support eliminating the police department in its current form and replacing it with what they describe as community-based models.

City Council President Lisa Bender said:

“Our commitment is to end our toxic relationship with MPD and to end policing as we know it to recreate systems of public safety that actually keep us safe.”

Councilman Philippe Cunningham said:

“We have a paradigm for safety that is rooted in community and justice. We have seen it the last two weeks. The reality is that people have been doing this work for decades and not being paid. We have poured that money into the police department and where has it gotten us?”

It’s not clear what paradigm for safety Cunningham is referring to, as Minneapolis has been the epicenter of rioting and looting for the last two weeks, with a long list of buildings looted, vandalized, damaged, and burned to the ground.

Instead of eliminating the police, it would be more constructive to develop a transparent, efficient process for evaluating and firing individual officers.

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Comments (11)

  1. B. Rogers

    Just idiots! What more can I say?

  2. steve clendenin

    It would serve the community much better if the city council backed off it’s defunding and set up a program that let and encouraged members of minority communities to ride along with police officers and see what they experience on a daily basis . Possibly with the civilian along they could defuse certain instances of potential over-reach and bring a sense of civility and cooler heads could possibly prevail. Also , the Government should explore having a standard nationwide training police on police work and the way they react to certain situations . Defunding police departments will do nothing more than bring more of the same that these cities endured over the last two weeks.

  3. Edward Mulvehill

    You people are nuts! Just get rid of the bad eggs. Give incentives for officers that make positive action with the community.

  4. Dale

    All of this is about anarchy, destroying America, and replacing Trump. If Joe Biden becomes President we will all be in a world of hurt. Glad to be 70 years of age and not worry about living in this environment for another lifetime. God bless the younger generations for they do not know for what it is that they wish – and when they get it they will find it unbelievably hard to reverse.

  5. Jim Forsythe

    This is a scam designed to open the door to the criminals. What idiots!

  6. William F Barnes

    The riots were supported by George Soros and his demins of communist thinking thugs. To give in to this communistic thinking, which is a prelude to terrorist thinking and terrorist destruction of modern governments is to say goodbye to 300 years of a democratic way of life. Not perfect but better than any other form of government. If terrorist and communistic minded don’t like the way of life in the US they should go to south America or Russia. The Republicans better grow a set of balls before the country collapses.

  7. C D hoel

    If all these young folks thinks that all the free stuff that they are going to get is free they are in for a wide awakening. It will cost them up to their neck before they die.

  8. Wyomingman

    All the police in Minneapolis should walk off the job. Let’s see how that goes for the city council.

  9. JC

    Bender is a fool. She has no plan, no real commitment to protect the citizens in Minneapolis. This woman’s home should be the first one that the police do not respond to request for help after she has crapped on law enforcement.

  10. Steven Pike

    Please, MPD, get out. There are a lot of PD’s out there looking for help. Get your applications out there before New York and Seattle and a lot of other liberal city refugees beat you there.

  11. Kevin Griffin

    A better move would be to very partially de-fund and move that money to programs to help low income folks, while at the same time making it clear that the time for the thin blue line is done in police departments. It’s really a warning to the police in general that if they don’t decide to clean up their departments, consequences will follow. If (as many police departments and individual policemen are claiming online) they want to abolish the thin blue line in their departments, all the police have to do,is start taking it seriously (like they could have been doing all along), and reporting the bad cops (and be willing to fight fire with fire, which is what it’s going to take) in order to get the job done. Soon enough, the departments will be cleaned up, and the defunding effort will disappear. And of course when the cities and towns see that the cops have decided to take out the thin blue line for good, their support (which has been there all along, but withheld because of thin bue line issues), will return. Good folks appreciate the good police, because they know what would happen to this country without them.

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