Minneapolis City Council Members Calling for End of Police Enjoy Private Security at Cost of $4,500 Per Day

Hypocrisy is coat worn by many.

The Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to completely defund the police department and replace it with a Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention. The new department would have licensed peace officers, but beyond that, the details are kind of sketchy.

That’s probably not an accident, as the city council lacks the authority to disband the police department. The city charter requires the city to maintain police staff at certain levels, so the city council could at best reduce staffing by 20%, and even that would put it in a fight with the police union.

But it looks like some of the city council members have already decided how to handle life after the police. It’s come to light that several council members are protected by private security at a cost of $4,500 per day. The protection went into place after the council members received threats several weeks ago, and it has cost the city $63,000 so far.

Perhaps when the police are fazed out the city will provide security only for those who “need” it.  It’s not clear if the private security will answer if you call 911 for an emergency.

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Comments (1)

  1. Morgan T Delcuze

    Like toO many politicians they let others make up their minds. As long as they can charge the city with paying for THEIR PROTECTION they don’t worry. Well that goes to show———- STUPID IS STUPID

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