Remember Microsoft? Tech Giant Contributes to Biden and Stays Off of Regulator Radar

We can’t go a day without a big tech company showing up on a wanted poster of some sort, with the likes of Facebook and Twitter controlling speech while Google gets sued by the Justice Department for anti-trust violations.

But Microsoft? Who talks about Microsoft? The company has managed to donate generously to campaign funds while keeping its name mostly out of the headlines.

Even as Microsoft won a $10 billion cloud computing contract in recent months, the company and its executives have been heavily donating to the Biden campaign through direct contributions and political action committees (PACs). The company is the fourth-largest contributor to Joe Biden, according to OpenSecrets website.

To be fair, Microsoft has donated on both sides of the aisle and has donated to political campaigns for decades, so their recent actions aren’t new, even if they are noticeable for their size.

It is interesting that large tech companies are not on the list of the top 20 contributors to the Trump campaign, even though a Microsoft executive has contributed to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Maybe Microsoft executives are just much better at playing the game. The company hasn’t been tagged in a bad way like some of the social media platforms, and it stands to gain ground if Google runs into trouble with its search engine. Microsoft owns search engine Bing, which could benefit if Google is forced to break into several units or somehow give up part of its search business.

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  1. Bobble Powell

    How can we not use a high company in this tech age we are in

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