Michigan Governor Claims Protests Could Lengthen Stay-at-Home Orders

This sure sounds like a parent threatening to continue punishment if a child continues to misbehave.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer isn’t happy with the armed protesters who’ve shown up at the Capitol to protest her lockdown orders. The protests attract all kinds, including some who lawfully carry weapons, and others who brandish flags, including the Confederate Flag.

A group called “Michigan United for Liberty” was scheduled to protest today, and the group has called for violence online in the past.

Whitmer’s not happy. Implying that protesters who travel to the Capitol for rallies and then return home could be spreading coronavirus, she said:

“I do think that the fact of the matter is these protests, in a perverse way, make it likelier that we’re going to have to stay in a stay-at-home posture.”


Perhaps citizens from rural Michigan wouldn’t have to go to Lansing to protest if the governor would simply amend her orders to tailor them to specific geographic regions with higher population density. But that probably hasn’t come up.

Whitmer went on to say:

“This is not appropriate in a global pandemic, but it’s certainly not an exercise of democratic principles where we have free speech.”

Actually, that’s exactly what it is. It might be speech she doesn’t care for, but it does fall under the definition of free speech. And even Whitmer had to admit that the Michigan State Capitol allows for citizens to lawfully carry firearms on the premises.

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