Men More Likely to Die From Coronavirus Than Women

When it comes to the new coronavirus COVID-19, some things are different than previous viruses, such as SARS and MERS. This virus can be present and spread for two weeks before a person shows symptoms, and when it comes to fatalities, children have been largely spared.

But in one respect, it’s just the same. Many more men die from the disease than women.

So far, 1.7% of the women who have contracted COVID-19 have died, while 2.8% of men with the disease have perished, a 64% increase.

According to Janine Clayton, director of the Office of Research on Women’s Health at NIH:

“There’s something about the immune system in females that is more exuberant.”

Researchers think it might have something to do with higher levels of estrogen, which contribute to immunity, or the fact that women have two X chromosomes, which carry immune-related genes.

Along with natural physiology, there are also choices people make that can lead to different health outcomes. In China, 50% of men smoke, but only 2% of women. Previous lung damage can make people more susceptible to COVID-19.

Akiko Iwasaki, a professor of immunology at Yale University, thinks part of it comes down to attitude, which informs behavior.  He noted that men may have a “false sense of security” about coronavirus and similar diseases, which would lead them to treat the situation less seriously than wom

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Comments (4)

  1. Cynthia Steuart

    That is true about women being more cautious than men. I see that in my own family. Us girls take this virus very seriously. The guys go about life as usual. We have to remind them to wash their hands regularly and to change their coughing habits.

  2. Daniel

    As I see the polls on the up coming 2020 election, the numbers are progressively growing in favor of a Trump/Republican landslide.
    What has been accomplished by President Trump in the few years he has been in office is unprecedented by ANY previous administration,
    Republican or Democrat. One can only imagine what could have been accomplished were in not for the obstructionist Democrats.
    The only weapon the Democrats have is their “unrelenting hate” for our seated president. It is fueled by blatant lies, characterizations, and
    foulness of all stripes. There is NO hope or progressive plan within the Democratic ranks; just more unfounded hate. It would seem that,
    for the most part, the American voter sees the Democrats for what they are. That being, a continuation of bad national policies, failing
    programs and habitual cronyism. In reality, the Democratic party is /has proven themselves to be an enemy to America, its citizens and all
    that it has always held dear and sacred.

    • Alvaro

      Totally agree with you. Four years ago I was a Democrat. Never again will I vote Democrat. They have shown their true colors.

  3. Dyan Merick

    Men always feel nothing can touch them.

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