Now We Boo First Ladies? Another Low at Baltimore Youth Event

It wasn’t a campaign event, and the president wasn’t there.  But that didn’t stop some attendees at the B’More Youth Summit in Baltimore from booing First Lady Melania Trump as she took the stage, and again as she ended her comments.

The sustained boos, which bookended her remarks and were interrupted by some cheers, marked the latest negative reception for the Trumps.  Last month, baseball fans at a World Series game booed the president.

The Baltimoreans booed Mrs. Trump when she said hello, and again when she ended by saying:

“Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. May God bless you, your families and the United States of America.”


    • And you’re even more embarrassing than the kids were, if that’s possible. Our President, in the face of concerted resistance from the DemWits and the rest of the deep state in the swamp is accomplishing great things for our country. You think the President is embarrassing, I and most other American patriots think he’s great

      • Sorry. He has encouraged the RUDEST BEHAVIOR EVER IN OUR COUNTRY!! I am not one of his fans but out of respect for his position as an ELECTED official I would NEVER BOO him, his family or his wife.
        I do PRAY whoever takes the next presidential election has better MANNERS, MORE RESPECT for his position and others, and IS NOT DONALD TRUMP.

        • Well – am sorry to ask Ms. Henry did you feel that way also over Obama when he neglected to salute our flag – his secretservice men – did you mind when he told some University up North he didn’t want an American Flag up there -Did you mind when he went overseas and bowed to power person – Am sorry for anyone with such a lack of manners –

        • Thats nice to hear that you would not follow the other lost souls over the cliff by not disrespecting any leader God appoints as our leader. I see you mentioned the word prayer. Hopefully along with prayer you read scripture. If so then you would know that God is in control. God is the one who allows whom so ever to be our President. Trump is tput there as a restrainer to buy us more time to prepare ourselves & warn others of whats about to happen. The coming of Christ, which is at the back door so to speak. Everyone needs to pull their heads out of the sand & take a good look at the bigger picture. Dont have to take my word for it. Simply read scripture. If politics fail us, the people are the ones to blame. Politics have been corruot for a very long time. Whats worse is they arent even hiding it anymore. Its not a secret at what the elite are up to. Trump is truely trying to clean it up. Hes not a politician. Swe need a man in the whitehouse who doesnt lie & straight out calls it what it is. He has uncovered who the extreme left are & really diesnt have to. Your being distracted by these evil extremest. Just read scripture & know the day is drawaing near. 🙏

      • Our president is an embarrassment. He acts like a dictator. Hasn’t accomplished anything significant except to promote dictators around the world.

        • Really? Low unemployment rates in all sectors I guess he found the magic wand Obama said he would need.
          As a disabled Vet I can assure you the VA is a hundred times better then it was under Obama.
          I see more money going into my bank account then I did with Obama as do most people who actually pay taxes. My refund was a but higher too,.

          oh yea that Jr, Varsity team…ISIS is gone now that we have a commander in chief that will actually fight them. There are many other major improvements in spite of demon rats throwing every monkey wrench they can find into the works. Imagine what could be possible of they did their jobs instead of the constant coup attempt. Remember on of their leaders even said “We have to impeach him so he will be re elected

        • George, you MUST be living with your head in a hole!! President Trump has accomplished MORE in three years than any other President I am aware of. You may not like what he has done BUT there are MANY of us who do! This INFANTILE behavior you apparently approve of is entirely inappropriate — typically, “bite the hand that feeds you”.

        • Maybe it would be because she hates our nation. Even after being in the White House for a couple years, she said she felt like a prisoner in the White House (how many prisoners have a chance to take a tax payer paid vacation along with her family every month?) On top of that, there were only two times she said she was proud to be an American.
          Oh, she did do a lot about our kids being overweight. She made school lunches inedible.

        • So the smelly libs teach their kids to be a herd of gimme, owe me, special me,
          oblamo voting punks to show zero respect for those who want and try to help them.

          Typical idiot libs MAGA

      • This old veteran thinks you are a fool. Intelligent people oppose the Mango Mussolini.

        The swamp is now populated by bigger alligators, of the big money variety. It has not been drained.

        The “Deep State” did not exist before Trump, except maybe GW Bush appointees who were slipped into civil service.

        This president has betrayed this country.

        What has he accomplished? Look at it, all his economic gains are continuations of Obama’s policies.

      • So Hypocritical that so many don’t like people bad-mouthing this President, and now the First Lady, but I remember all too well some of racist and really foul things said about both the Obamas. And I remember plenty names thrown at Bush, and at Clinton as well. Tends to go with the territory but you should be able to recognize that this President as only made it worse for himself, even with his name-calling of fellow Republicans.

    • No respect no class that’s what Baltimore is all about. Regardless if you did not vote for Trump show respect. Mrs Trump has way more class. I did not vote for Obama I NEVER DISREPECTED him or his wife just sayin

    • This just shows how well our student body is being educated in American. Where are our teacher and parents, this is nothing but showing the world how well our Educational system and family life really is in America.
      Thank God, We have a First Lay of Grace who is representing our country and it shows in everything she does for our Great Nation.

    • I expect them to behave in a dignified manner but I fear that their parents were but biological parents and let them learn that disrespecting our leaders or those of his family is an appropriate thing to do. If the ones who spawned this action feel such action is necessary a better means of protest is at the 2020 voting booth, not in public where the world only laughs at us all for our stupidity.

      • The world laughs at us because the Biggest Joke is in th WH. A despicable and degrading example of the worse person in the world. The First Lady is a disgrace to all Americans, as she married for MONEY, not the lie she told about being with him for his “mind”, what mind, oh you mean the bone spurs sticking out of his head!! She is a disgrace to Intelligent Americans, which leaves out all idiot republicans!!

      • This potus already has the entire world laughing at America! He’s a Fn joke! As a businessman and as our “leader”! He’s cost taxpayers appx $100 million hauling his fat ass to His own properties!! There’s Nothing classy about him, and she made her bed when she married the biggest Crook EVER!!

    • HA HA – good try to blame the president for the indignant behavior taught to and found permissible by these people for YEARS. They didn’t just learn this in the last 3 years. They were brought up with it.

      Given your example it is OK to sexually approach subordinate workers (Clinton / Lewinsky), bring a racially biased, racially discriminatory agenda to white house staff (Obamas), espionage and treason (BOTH Clintons). Etc, etc.

      We as responsible people should NOT follow rats into the sewer and emulate their lifestyle. We call wrong from right and do the right thing.

  1. OH, and these IDIOTS where much better off when obama was in control and the country was sinking into the depths of no return….. Oh well, I guess baltimore loves to be buried in muck…..

  2. SORRY TO SAY – What would you expect from that crowd far from Republicans, people have no respect for one another anymore thanks to the DEMOCRATS a bunch of idiots

  3. If I would have been their Teacher I would have told them before hand not to disrespect the First Lady regardless of how they feel. I also would have told them if there not happy with her just be quite.

      • To conduct their crass low classed act was the reason they came.
        To be so obsessed with hatred for a man that one resorts to attacking his wife? What else can I say?
        Their act says nothing about the President’s wife, but it speaks volumes about the perpetrators themselves.

  4. Just imagine if you will the calls of racism, the calls of hate, the calls of non-American that would have been extolled by the liberals if Michele Obama had received the same treatment over her pet projects. I am ashamed of the young Americans who have lowered themselves to the gutter and for allowing those student Americans to even attend a higher standard of education. Obviously their parents have not been parents other than biological in their upbringing. As a Veteran and at 72 I found these actions intolerable, disgusting, and completely out of line. If the body that allowed this to happen and did not take the appropriate action to expelling those who lead the disapproving heckling does not take action, then I hope their organization fails and all Federal Funds are withdrawn until they learn dignified respect for those who lead us today.

    • PEG
      Thank you DB – I’m about 15 years older than you are which means I was born in that “Great” (ha) Depression and in my Western part of the USA I never heard the kind of hateful things people say about each other that they do today- and especially not among kids. We were taught to behave and respect. Boy have we left those two behaviors far behind. –

    • Graceful? First “Lady”… lol. She’s no better than anyone else in the trump KLAN. And definitely, No Lady!! BOOOOOOO!

      EPONOMIY??? You were saying about ignorance? Keep strumming that banjo, Ungrateful Dirt Bag slob!!

  5. I find it very sad that these students are so disrespectful. It is apparent they are being raised without values and respect!

  6. Echo chamber no point in commenting to the converted! Kill the planet and many less “fortunate” as well, who cares … Christian’s unite for the rich to grow even richer, let’s see the camel jump through the eye of the needle any day soon?

  7. So when are middle school children versed on politics to boo our First Lady. Maybe there teacher made an unprofessional comment or maybe their parents conveyed their frustration onto their children.

    Folks leave our children learn on their own and keep your loud mouths shut – if you can.

  8. Childish kids do this after the president stepped in and tried to help the rat infested neighborhoods. Guess the democrats will give them some more money for it. You know Michelle Obama is smiling.

  9. Trump denigrates people far in excess of what might be considered reasonable, often with a vengeance. Melania is his spouse. In an equal partnership her disciplining of him should be acknowledged. If she doesn’t speak up or he totally ignores her, she should consider leaving the marriage. Otherwise accept booing and as a burden she must bear.

  10. Folks leave our children learn on their own and keep your loud mouths shut – if you can.
    That’s part of the problem. Children training children not adults traing children. Of course many of our adults are acting like children and thus they pass on lack of wisdom, integrity and virtue.

  11. IF you lay in the gutter with trash then don,t expect to be treated as anything but trash.You made the choice.I don,t like what happen and I am sure it will again as long as she is Mrs Trump.

  12. This is because people no longer teach respect, honor or good old fashion kindness to others. You don’t agree with someone find be mature about it.
    This is not just about politics this is what bad p parenting has created. Or maybe since it was Baltimore they were some of the large number of opiate addicts that live there.
    And it is not about Trump people have belittled the First Lady from the start. Why because she is married to him, how would any of you want to be disliked because of the actions of your spouse, parent, or kids. One side of America needs to grow up or shut up.

  13. The article was very short. I wish there was more info about the Boo’s and why and when she was there. What age were these children and where did they come from? It was a summit for B’More Youth. I suppose the B in B’More youth is for Baltimore. The Booers probably perpetuated it among themselves to out do one another and also runoff from their Baltimore Parents. If teachers were involved, it is their duty to reprmand them back in the classroom with some form of punishment.

  14. Sure, “Melanie” deserves all the world’s respect, after stylishly wearing her “I Don’t Care” regalia while visiting children incarcerated by her a/clown husband. Anyone would have to be a drooling moron to still be supporting this horrible excuse for a “president”, and a human being, for that matter.


  16. How do you explain the FACT that more Americans have jobs today than have been employed
    for over 10 years? With people like you it is a miracle he has accomplished so much!
    If our Representatives in congress would do their jobs we might see more progress!
    You probably rely on the mainstream media for your information which is a big mistake!

  17. Mr. Trump is a different kind of politician. He Walk the Talk; and I love that. He will be in the White House for 4 additional years; making America Great. The Wall will bring positive results, diminishing drugs and people illegal traffic.

  18. The only time I have heard Trump make disparaging remarks about people it has been toward people that FIRST made disparaging remarks towards him. The man is a fighter and does not put up with a bunch of crap. I suppose this is why he is so popular and connects with the average American. I am tired of the elitist of Washington looking down their noses at the rest of us and then dictating how we are to live.

  19. I was embarrassed for
    Melania, and
    wished it had not happened. I
    am not a fan of
    the current
    President. This
    is a teachable
    moment. I hope
    nothing like it
    ever happens

  20. You’re disgusting. Shaming children, over trump… FK trump.

    President Obama, Best President EVER!!

    While trump will be known as TRASH, a BIG LOSER!! Around the World!! BOOOOOOO!!

    • where do you get your info? I think you just make it up. Obama is who divided this country.
      That is what he started, and his first lady helped…. and not shaming the children but whoever coached them to be rude.

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