Media Portrays Polarized America, But Vast Majority Say Officer Who Knelt on Floyd Should Be Charged

Americans have lots of opinions about everything, and the situation surrounding the death of George Floyd and the protests and riots that followed are no different. Some think the riots are necessary to foment change, while others think they take away from the real issue of police brutality.

But Americans aren’t as divided as the media might suggest. A new poll from found that 78% of all Americans believe the officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck should be charged, and that was before the autopsy report, which showed homicide by asphyxiation, was completed. The numbers change a bit by political party, with 90% of Democrats, 76% of Independents, and 68% of Republicans calling for charges, but all of those numbers are well beyond a majority.

In general, people of color believe the police use too much force, with 80% of Black Americans agreeing, as well as 60% of Asian Americans, and 58% of Hispanic Americans, while 46% of White Americans agreed. The numbers are spread a bit, but they still show a large group of Americans believe the police use too much force.

The poll didn’t ask if people thought stealing Nikes and iPhones and burning private property were effective protesting tools, but it’s likely we’d find widespread agreement on that as well.

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Comments (1)

  1. Robert M Liu

    Generally speaking, the peaceful protests are organized by left-leaning groups, and the violent riots are instigated by a radical outfit called “Antifa”, which is linked to the political far left and funded by the political left. Criminal elements of society have joined the riots, looting stores and burning down houses. The timing of the peaceful protests and the violent riots in a U.S. presidential election year is just too pat not to rouse suspicions that they may have emerged with the so-called Democratic Party behind the scenes. Nowadays, the so-called Democratic Party operates just like any underground Communist Party in the world — namely, by stirring up as much trouble and chaos as possible and then blaming its enemy, President Trump, for all the trouble and chaos cleverly created by itself. One must be very blind not to see the evidence of the Democratic Party’s involvement in at least the peaceful protests.

    In the meantime, I would add that the timing of the Covid 19-triggered economic crisis in a U.S. presidential election year is also just too pat not to rouse suspicions, unless one believes in coincidences. In sum, the suspicions are that the media-hyped Covid 19 crisis may have been a plot crafted to undermine Trump’s re-election chances in November 2020.

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