And… There It Goes… McDonald’s Permanently Shuts Times Square Location

It had a Broadway feel and now, just like some of the shows nearby, the McDonald’s location at Times Square is shut down for good. The closure isn’t connected to the coronavirus economic shutdown, but the timing makes it a little sadder nonetheless.

The location had a huge marquee sign with what seemed like thousands of light bulbs, giving it the pizazz of a Broadway Theater. McDonald’s opened a new, three-story flagship location just a few blocks up at 45th and Broadway, so it made the decision to close this one.

The company said:

“McDonald’s reviews its restaurant portfolio on a regular basis to make the best decisions for our business moving forward.”

Both locations are company stores, not franchises.  They can do what they want, of course, but closing the Broadway store just saps a little more personality out of the brand.  A Big Mac is a Big Mac, but at least the location had some zip.

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