McConnell Says $3 Trillion House Bill ‘DOA’

To no one’s surprise, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the $3 trillion additional relief package passed by the House late Friday was dead on arrival in the Senate.

But dead? Really?

House Speaker Pelosi saw it a bit differently on Sunday talk shows. Instead of calling out McConnell for ending the bill, she said that everything is up for negotiation and that the Democrats have no red lines. 

That appears to be true. They aren’t seeing red, they’re seeing green, and lots of it, in the form of taxpayer money.

The bill calls for another round of bucks for individuals, only in higher amounts, more than $1 trillion for cities and states, and an extension of the unemployment booster payments that have been keeping people from going back to work even when there’s a job available.

As for his part, McConnell might say DOA, but with an election now less than six months away, he can’t be seen as the stingy one. Expect him to horse trade to protect businesses from Covid-19 liability, like when someone catches the disease at a restaurant and then sues for millions.

It seems highly likely that the two sides will come together to spend more of our money.

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