Mass Transit Authority Tests Using UV Light to Kill Virus; Maybe We All Should

Your grandmother probably said it… sunlight is the best disinfectant.

People say it when they mean transparency, but it also applies literally. Sunlight kills mold, and we know it kills viruses as well. It’s the UV-C that does the trick, but that’s also the spectrum that burns skin and can harm eyes. Hospitals have used UV-C light chambers to disinfect equipment for years.

Dr. David Brenner, the Director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University, is doing the latest research on this approach and said:

”Essentially we measure how the virus is killed and the results have been very encouraging. We will repeat the studies and write up for peer review.”

Now researchers are trying to figure out if they can use the same technique on the subways and buses in New York City, the Mass Transit Authority (MTA).

There are two phases in the pilot program in the MTA. The Chief Innovation Officer Mark Dowd said:

“When you put the lamps in there, it kills it, the tests show. It’s the duration and placement that we’re trying to figure out.”

It would be very useful if retailers, restaurateurs, Uber drivers and others could use portable UV-C devices to eradicate viruses. But they’d have to be very careful not to look into the light, or use it as a poor man’s tanning solution.

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